Monday, December 3, 2012

Demonize The Jews

And the people will cheer you as you murder them.

That is what was done in Nazi Germany.  The government and other organizations (ie Universities, schools, etc...) demonized, stigmatized and eventually denied Jews a right to study, work, etc... did way before they wrote the Nuremberg Laws.

Just a few examples of the rise of anti-Semitism:

Harvard 'Social Club' Tells Jews 'Don't Apply'

Finnish Official: Jews Control Money, Impede US Neutrality

Public School Teacher Indoctrinates with Anti-Israel Rap

I could go on with thousands of articles like these. Heck thousands just from the Muslim world.

This is the latest insanity from the Fakistinians:

Israel behind increase in Palestinian AIDS cases

Now today from the US Government to Harvard, Jews are being vilified and demonized.  In fact, anti-Semitism is rising all over the world.  It is now ingrained in Sweden, Norway, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Poland, and Germany.  There is no where in Europe a Jew is safe.  All the anti-Semites are waiting for is for Israel to be destroyed and the United States to throw their Jewish population either out of the country or into Concentration Camps.  Then watch the blood letting.

The world is forgetting their history.  First you demonize, then you destroy.  Will anyone remember that once a people called Jews existed?  That they gave the world a conscience, the weekend, a quest for literacy?  Or will the world rejoice in celebration of their demise?

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