Sunday, December 2, 2012

Stand Up Against Boycotting Israel

Hat tip to Fousequawk

As you have probably heard, Stevie Wonder cancelled his scheduled performance at the annual Friends of the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) event on December 6 in Los Angeles. Anti-Israel and anti-Semitic groups associated with the boycott movement against Israel relentlessly pressured him until he finally agreed to cancel.

We, the undersigned, stand together in support of the State of Israel. We call upon all people who side with freedom, to stand up against this boycott movement. We stand up for the State of Israel in its struggle to protect its citizens from rocket attacks and other terror attacks.

We stand for democratic values, peaceful coexistence, and a safe and secure Israel. Israel is the only free democracy in the Middle East with equal rights for all its citizens, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Israel stands on the front line of the free world in the fight against terrorism.

I am adding my voice to this petition and I stand against the boycott movement. Boycotting Israel serves no constructive purpose and only undermines peace efforts. Thank you. 

That is the wording for the petition that Stand With Israel.  Now that the United Nations Tower of Babel has declared that the Palestinians Fakistinians have been given the Land of Israel, the anti-Semites of the world are now demanding that nobody buy Israeli products, nobody visit Israel.  Heck pretty soon they will demand it become a world-wide boycott of Jewish goods.

Just like old times!

That image will be recreated in every city in Europe, in the US.  Why not?  It is open season on Jews and Israel.

Tell the world that you Stand with Israel and not with the terrorists.  Sign the Petition.   Let your voice be heard!


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This is a good thing. However it is popular with so many to be pro-palestinian, which makes them anti-Israel. It is a sad day and getting worse.

Right Truth