Friday, September 14, 2012

Why Does Obama Hate Israel?

Barack Hussein Obama is the most anti-Israel, anti-Semitic US President in modern history.  This was first noticed in his speech in Cairo, his treatment of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, his call for Israel to go back to the 1949 borders, the removal of Jerusalem from Israel and the call to cut the city in 2, not meeting with Netanyahu but going on Letterman, and now this:
What then of Israel? Alone in this wilderness of vile hatred and violence, surrounded by the most vile of extremism that would like nothing better than to snuff it out of existence. Netanyahu has been treated by this Obama regime as a dog. Kicked and cornered, rebuked and reprimanded. And now, on the eve of action, the Man Calling Himself Obama, does so yet again with even more sinister intent. You have likely read the reports of screaming matches between officials of both governments. Those are most certainly true, and tell less than the whole regarding just how fractured the relationship has been. But what of Netanyahu and Obama themselves? Do you recall something I hinted at before – how Obama himself demanded of Israel? How this false president threatened the only true ally America has in that troubled part of the world? Since then you have often asked what it was that was told to the Prime Minister. For my own reasons, both personal and professional, I did not comply with your requests.

I will do so now. And please note, what I tell you is absolutely accurate. This information was delivered to me from sources at the highest levels of the Israeli government.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, when last at the White House and during an extended period of private conversation with “Obama”, implored the president to be far more forceful in his public comments regarding the United States’ devotion to Israel’s safety and protection and its very right to exist. Netanyahu warned the president that his administration’s half-hearted gestures of friendship to Israel were in fact emboldening the more radicalized elements in the Middle East and thus endangering not only Israeli lives, but the lives of everyone in that part of the world. And then he also remarked this condition would further endanger American citizens within the United States as well, that the capitulation policies of the American government in the 1990s were instrumental in forming the attack of September 11th, 2001.

Obama’s reaction to these words were, “agitation followed by derision”. The president then leaned toward the Prime Minister and said:

“You have just as much blood on your hands as they do. They got a right to exist as well. Everybody does. And I don’t want this thing…this back and forth…you and them…I don’t want this turning into an election issue for me, right? I can’t be telling those people how to treat your country any more than you want me telling you how to treat them, right? You see where I’m at in this?

Don’t you turn this into something that might take away Jewish votes for me. That’s what you got going here – I know what you’re up to. Don’t do it. This thing…Iran…don’t try…don’t hurt me politically with it. You need us. We don’t need you.”
Now I must put that statement by Obama further into context to ensure you realize the stunning implications of what he was communicating to the Israeli Prime Minister. Netanyahu had spent considerable effort attempting to detail to the Obama what Israeli intelligence had gathered regarding Iran’s nuclear capabilities. He had also warned of the very real and serious threat of nuclear materials being handed over to terrorists both capable and willing of detonation in other parts of the world, including inside the United States. The Prime Minister indicated his own government was unwilling to take that risk, and was preparing to take very specific measures to try and ensure Iran was not given that option to do so. And to that Obama, this man so tragically elected president, to that he replied to Netanyahu to not make this an election issue for him? To not make it something that might take away Jewish votes from him?

Imagine you are sitting in a room with a man who oversees the most powerful military in the world. The most powerful military in the history of humankind. And you are communicating earnestly, based upon knowledge you have from your own considerable intelligence sources, that not only is the Middle East in danger, but citizens living inside the United States as well, and these concerns are met with a self-serving plea not to harm an election. To in essence, simply shut up about it so as to not influence voters? How horrifying that must have been for a man so honorable as Benjamin Netanyahu. How frightening to know that the government of the United States was now being represented by the likes of “Obama” and Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, two creatures so detached from the rich and proud history of the United States, who view that history with disdain and a desire to punish.
Just step back for a moment and think.  What American President turns to the head of a most treasured ally, an ally who always backed American policy, and told him to F**k Off.  And he wants Israel to hold their hand?

If you are Jewish or a supporter of Israel how can you in good conscience vote for Obama, vote for a party that practically started to sing the Horst Wessel.  It will be sung soon by them if Obama is re-elected.

Dear G-d, please don’t curse us with another 4 years of Obama. I beg of you!


Right Truth said...

I'm not surprised, but to read it like that really makes the point. He never cared for Israel, he is pro-Palestinian, pro-Islam, always and above everything else. He doesn't mind the votes from American Jews, but after that it is a big "screw you". He would probably secretly enjoy another wiping out of Jews. He probably agrees with Ahmadinejad about wiping Israel off the face of the map.

Right Truth

Don E. Chute said...

As you know I'm not a His Majesty Hussein fan...but are those comments from himself for real?...I have known that himself is a bottom feeding, punk, pol from Chicago...but this?...I have known that His Majesty Hussein would do anything to win...but this?...

...If this is true, how can we get this to all voting American Jews?...would this indeed seal His Majesty's fate with them?...or would it be another in a long line of passes?

May God Bless Israel and May God Help the USA.

PLU from SSF