Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How Our Ally Remember 9/11

>While many of our allies remember the attacks of 9/11 with moments of silence, prayers, etc...  Our ally Egypt has a different way to remember that day:  Storming the US Embassy.

On the anniversary of the September 11 Al-Qaeda attacks on the U.S. that killed some 3,000 people in 2001, Egyptian rioters attempted to invade the U.S. Embassy in Cairo Tuesday, tearing down the American flag and burning it. At least 2,000 people stood at the foot of the walls surrounding the embassy as about 20 of the rioters scaled the walls. Rioters also drew anti-American graffiti on the wall and demanded that the United States end its presence in Egypt. U.S. soldiers prevented the rioters from entering the Embassy compound. Witnesses said that Egyptian police at the scene did little to stop the rioters' advance to the Embassy walls, which are usually cordoned off.

The object of the rioters' wrath was the rumor that a U.S. group was planning a movie that would depict the history of early Islam, and the plundering and war committed by Mohammed, the creator of Islam. A Reuters reporter on the scene was unable to ascertain which movie the rioters were targeting, but several web Arabic web sites referred to a U.S. site that claimed that a group in Florida was planning an “International Judge Mohammad Day,” with Mohammed being put on trial for his crimes, live over the Internet.

The U.S. condemned the rioting. In a statement, the Embassy said that “respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy,” and that it condemned the “misguided actions” of individuals who disrespected Islam. Last year, during the height of protests against former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, rioters invaded the Israeli embassy in Cairo, with several Embassy in mortal danger as rioters trashed the offices and threw furniture and equipment out windows. Seventy three Egyptians were convicted of rioting in that incident, but all received a suspended sentence.

I could say "Shades of Jimmy Carter", but that would be twisting the knife in the wound a few times.  But we have pledged billions of dollars in aid to Egypt and this is the reward for our generosity.  Perhaps a few well placed bombs (Aswan Dam?) to remind Egypt and the Muslim world what it means to anger the United States.  But that would take a President who does not bow or cater to the Islamists.

This riot was triggered by a rumor of a movie depicting Muhammad (MHBIH) as a war-mongering rapist (A documentary I do believe.), and a group in Florida who is planning an International Judge Mohammad Day.  Both are lies, but Islamists will post anything they want, true or untrue, to get the "people' worked up.

Now can anyone please explain to me how Egypt is our ally and why they deserve billions of our tax dollars?

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