Monday, September 10, 2012

Does Anyone Believe That These Men Are Happy With Biden?

I have heard of many stunts done to get someone vote for a candidate.  Kissing babies, going to Jerusalem to pray at the Kotel, eat everything from pizza to pretzels.  But this is the first time a sitting Vice President, let alone a candidate for high office, ever courted the "Biker" vote.

Vice President Joe Biden got caught in a stunning photo with a female biker sitting on his lap.

The Associated Press snapped the shot at Cruisers Diner in Seaman, Ohio on Sunday.

A White House pool report says the bikers may be part of a group called the "Shaddowmen." No details were available on their real names or what discussion led to the lap incident.

Some observers were quick to joke that Biden is starting to resemble the working-class parody Biden seen in The Onion.

Earlier in the diner visit, Biden made banter with biker Jeff Cook.

"Can I borrow one of your bikes? They don't let me ride anymore."

"Probably not," Cook said.

"Probably not," the Veep responded, according to the pool report.


Today it was the Shaddowmen tomorrow it will be the Hell's Angels?  And what self-respecting biker would be caught drinking out of a straw.

I guess the Obama Campaign is scared enough to reach out to the Biker Community.  But Biden doesn't really fit in.  I can't picture him or Obama on a Hog riding into the sunset.  Can you?  And why do I feel they are trying to reach out too far?

It is fun though to look at the faces of the bikers.  The look of utter contempt is priceless.


Right Truth said...

I checked out the biker's website and facebook site. It doesn't appear they are anything like the Hells Angels, but who knows. I don't know any bikers that voted for Obama, but I'm not a member of a club, ha. Those two guys look like they cannot believe their eyes. Biden is coming across more and more like a dirty old man.

As to looking for votes, I guess they are looking for votes wherever they can get them.

Right Truth

Don E. Chute said...

Ohhhh about far reaching...This is a inglorious example of a d**K...oops I mean duck out of water!...I think this stunt will backfire and put the MC vote firmly for R and R!

...Dirty ol' Biden...yuck.

PLU from SSF