Monday, May 21, 2012

Jerusalem: The Media Myth of Two Cities

Yesterday was Yom Yerushaleyim, Jerusalem Day.  The day the city of Jerusalem was reunited after 19 years of being separated in 2.  Between the years 1948 and 1967, 19 years, Jordan control the Old City of Jerusalem.  And Jordan violated every agreement that was arraigned for Jews and Christians to visit their holy sites.  In fact the Jordanian Army destroyed every synagogue and even built latrines along the Kotel (Western Wall).  Jordanian men and so-called Palestinians lined up to urinate along this holy site.  (They now claim it as their own.  They said Muhammad [May He Rot In Hell] peed there or something like that.)  Hundreds of Jewish families who had lived in what the Media calls "Arab East Jerusalem" fled for their lives and were not able to return to their homes for 19 years.  Yet the media continues the lie that the city needs to be cut in half.

Yesterday Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said:
“We will protect Jerusalem, because Israel without Jerusalem is like a body without a heart,” the prime minister said. “On this hill, 45 years ago, the united heart of our people began to beat again, with full power. Our heart will never be divided again.”
One city, never divided.

It is with that in mind that Honest Reporting has produced the following video:

The history of Jerusalem did not start in 1967. Thousands of years of Jewish history took place in what is now called "Arab East Jerusalem."

Only when the Jewish residents were driven from their homes in 1948 was the city divided between East and West.

This video shows the reality of Jerusalem today and includes interviews from survivors of the fall of Jerusalem. To discuss the issue of Jerusalem, join our Facebook Group "The History of Jerusalem Did Not Start in 1967."

To read more about the issue of Jerusalem, check out the Jerusalem resources section of the HonestReporting website:

Come to Jerusalem with us in July, meet Jerusalem expert Lee Glassman, and see the places shown in this video.

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