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Hate Week Returns to UC Irvine May 7-10

Gary Fouse

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"Elephants? I don't see any elephants."

The Greatest Show on Earth returns to UC Irvine May 7-10 as the Muslim Student Union puts on its annual bash-Israel week of sideshow attractions. Notwithstanding all the horrible things that are occurring in the Middle East and nearby regions, once again, the focus will be on tiny Israel. Forget about Egypt, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Iran, Pakistan and all the other dysfunctional, despotic regimes aligned against her  It is Israel that is the problem in the region.

Here is the tired old line-up of  “distinguished” speakers. Most of them we know because they have spoken at UCI before-some many times. Can you say, “retreads”?

Monday’s speaker will be the arrogant little British journalist and Doogie Howser look-a-like Ben White.   He is also speaking at eight the same night. He's apparently going to disprove the idea that Israel is a democracy. I guess he prefers the Syrian model.

On Tuesday, it’s the main attraction, none other than our old friend, Amir Abdel Malik Ali. He missed last year’s event, but he will be back once again to insult the Jews and glorify suicide bombings. In 2010, he was so bad, UCI’s chancellor Michael Drake was finally moved to condemn his statements-even though he never identified Ali by name. He also neglected to mention the MSU as bringing him to campus; nor did he repeat what Ali had said. For all the campus knew (those who were not present), Ali might have denied Global Warming. The fact that Ali is back rebuts the claim by Olive Tree Initiative supporters that OTI has “made the situation better”.  This time, the title of his speech is, "The struggle has no borders". In other words, same tired old speech with a new title.

Ali and yours truly with the little toughies in the background looking mean

In the evening, the speaker will be some law student and activist named Omar Shakir. I can hardly wait to hear his pearls of wisdom.

"Ah wunnerful, ah wunnerful, ah."

On Wednesday, we have Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein, a very nice old lady who is thinks Palestinians are the victims-no matter how many people they kill. She has spoken several times at UCI. The Muslim Student Union likes to invite Jews to speak so nobody can call them anti-Semitic. Hedy always fits the bill. She should arrive a day early so she can hear Ali speak. I warned her about that the last time she came. She has some pretty embarrassing company. The MSU always puts up a protective cocoon around her lest folks like me try to influence her.

The same evening, radical Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian brings his tired old act back to UCI. This character is a two-trick pony whose tricks are “Islamophobia” and bashing Israel. In a UC university system full of professors who are embarrassments, this guy takes the cake.

Hatem Bazian-One of Berkeley's finest

Thursday is Irvine 11 day, a "celebration" of the 11 students who disrupted the Israeli ambassador to the US' speech in 2010  and were charged and convicted. The noon speaker will be Osama Shabaik of the Irvine 11, while the evening event will be an Irvine 11 panel. That promises to be an exercise in victimhood. Be sure and bring lots of handkerchiefs.

Given the events of the past year, this year’s speakers will be speaking with an 800 pound gorilla standing behind them (or four elephants if you prefer). With all the persecution of religious minorities in Muslim countries (Israel's neighbors, for the most part), the slaughter in Syria, and that much-vaunted “Arab Spring” becoming a nightmare, the week’s events will be marked by a sense of absurdity as the speakers demonize the one productive democracy in that dysfunctional region (Israel). The other absurdity is that they are labeling the week of events as "anti-oppression week."  No, they won't be talking about the oppression of Baha'i and gays in Iran, nor will they be talking about oppression of Christians in Egypt, Pakistan or Iraq, nor will they be talking about oppression of Christians and animists in Sudan, nor will they be talking about the on-going slaughter of Christians in Nigeria, nor will they mention the slaughter of the Fogel family, in which a Palestinian "soldier" slashed the throats of an entire family including three children-including an infant asleep in its crib. For that horrific act, Palestinians passed out candy in the streets to celebrate.

Another absurdity will be at the beginning of each event, including Tuesday at noon, in which an MSU member will announce to the audience that the MSU is not anti-Semitic in any way. Then he will turn the microphone over to Amir Abdel Malik Ali.

I will be filing daily reports.

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