Friday, December 16, 2011

The Obama Prayer

From the Book of Obama

Our Gubmint Mack-Daddy, Hallowed be thy name, please forgive my trespass against Thee.

O, Holiest of Holies named 0-Bama, forgive this poor, benighted sinner, I know not what I say about Your Holiness. Forgive me, Pardon me, grant me atonement for my lack of faith in Your Works on the public dime, Your Holy Ascensions to multiple golf-courses, and Your many Junkets to raise money from Your disciples, all at $35,000 a plate.

Let not Your ATF, FBI, and IRS not hound or audit me to the poor-house, for I am with You.....Yea, thugh I blaspheme against You this day, I will be with You, always.....

I, *Insert your name*, do beseech the Saints, Saint Solyndra, Saint Soros, Saint Reverend Wright, Saint Bill Ayres, and Saint Light-Squared, to protect me and intercede with the Holiest of Holies, The 0bama, on my behalf!



Debbie said...

Closer to the truth that we would like to admit. The media isn't interested in investigating Obama though. Some think Obama is Muslim, he certainly was born Muslim and is sympathetic to Muslims. He worships socialism more than he does anything.

Right Truth

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Ref:"Some think Obama is Muslim"

Some 'KNOW' Obama is a Muslim... and to me, he IS a Muslim...a Sunni Muslim who wants to fullfill the dream (and plans) of the Muslim Brotherhood