Sunday, November 22, 2009

Moonbats Du Jour!

Somebody is going to find themselves in very hot water. After all threatening a military instillation is not only a serious criminal offense. In this case, it could lead to a charge of accessory to murder in the 1st degree and the death penalty.
Few details emerged Saturday on a reported threat at Fort Benning.

Thursday a solider found a suspicious package and a note threatening a massacre similar to the Nov. 5 attack at Fort Hood, Texas, Elsie Jackson, post spokeswoman at Fort Benning confirmed Saturday.

The anonymous note and package -- reported by The Army Times as a box of 20 hollow-point bullets -- were found Thursday morning outside a motor pool area at Fort Benning, located near Columbus.

The discovery coincided with a visit from Gen. David Petraeus, commander of U.S. Central Command, who was in town for Officer Candidate School graduation. The threat prompted a criminal investigation and greater police presence on the Army base, the Army Times reports.

According to a witness on the scene, a box of 20 hollow-point shells and a handwritten note were found under the 197th Infantry Training Brigade.

“The note said ‘tell the commanding general to call off all charges or there will be a re-enactment of Fort Hood,’ ” a witness told Army Times. Army psychiatrist Nidal Hasan is charged in the Nov. 5 shooting deaths of 13 fellow service members.

The newspaper, which serves an audience of Army personnel, active and retired, said military police acted quickly on the threat, cordoning off a 20-foot perimeter around the box.

Read the full story here.
A Copycat? Fellow Traveler? Or just plain idiot?

But knowing the PC attitude that prevails in the US Army, they just might give in. After all appeasement worked so well for Czechoslovakia in 1938. Right?

On the Hasan front, it seems that he will be confined to his hospital bed (or prison cell once the real doctors release him). For those who don't understand the military justice system: There is no bail.

Hasan has no feeling from the chest down, limited movement in his arms and has been told that his condition is permanent. Not as permanent as the 14 he killed! But hopefully that will be arranged soon.

Our good friend fiend Hugo Chavez is now defending fellow Venezuelan Carlos the Jackal. Oh Carlos was a very good role model for Chavez. Carlos is the mastermind behind such infamous terrorist attacks as the Munich Massacre and the hijacking of Air France flight 139 which led to the successful Israel rescue of the hostages at Entebbe, Uganda.

Looking like the complete idiot he is, Chavez declared:
"They accuse him of being a terrorist, but Carlos really was a revolutionary fighter," Chavez said during a televised speech to socialist politicians from various countries, who applauded.

In his speech, Chavez also sought to defend other leaders he said are wrongly labeled "bad guys" internationally, including Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe and Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Chavez called both of them brothers and said he now wonders whether Ugandan dictator Idi Amin was truly as brutal as he was reputed to be.
On has to wonder if Chavez is a real idiot or just pretending to be one to rise up anger against him. One must assume the worse of him by the company he associates with: Robert (Trillion Dollar) Mugabe, Mahmoud (Monkeyman) Ahmadinejad, and now Idi (The Ugly Gorilla) Amin. These are added to his all time favorites: Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler.

Yes dear Hugo has become a great spokesman for his nation. And if one didn't know better, one could easily accuse Venezuelans of being extreme anti-Semites and not able to produce men with an IQ over the rating of 50.


President Obama has appointed Dr. Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe to be the US ambassador to the UN Human Rights Council aka UN Final Solution Council. She should fit right in.
The California scholar and Obama donor tapped to be the first U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Council is a fierce critic of the United Nations' human rights record who some watchdogs hope will roll some heads on the controversial panel boycotted during the Bush administration.
What will roll here will be the peals of laughter from Libya, Cuba, and Iran when they eat this Moonbat for breakfast.
In what would be a drastic shift from current policy, she recommended in her 2006 Ph.D. dissertation that the United Nations condition a country's sovereignty on its human rights record. In other words, she argued that human rights abuses can justify invasion.

U.N. critics are cautiously optimistic she'll bring that hard-nosed attitude to the council and be willing to confront the despots and alleged human rights abusers represented there.

"The council has been awful," Hillel Neuer, director of U.N. Watch in Geneva, told, saying he hopes the Obama administration doesn't think it's going to seek reform through "consensus" on the panel. "I'm confident that Donahoe, given her background, understands that and will take a vigorous approach to holding abusers to account."

Watchdogs, though, are reserving judgment, in part because they are so disenchanted with the panel and in part because Donahoe does not have diplomatic experience.
She does have experience in other matters it seems:
Donahoe also happens to be a top Obama fundraiser and the wife of eBay CEO John Donahoe. During the presidential campaign, she served as chairwoman of the National Women for Obama Finance Committee and was a prolific "bundler."

She hosted one high-dollar fundraiser at her home in 2007, and by the end of the campaign had reportedly raised more than $1 million for the presidential candidate.
So that is the price for an ambassadorship these days. I wonder how much you have to raise to become ambassador to Great Britain? Russia? China? Honduras?

These are today's Moonbats. I am sure there are others, but these just jumped right out at me.

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Maggie M. Thornton said...

Maybe I've just missed the news, but I haven't see the Ft. Benning story around much. Thanks findalis.

A handwritten note is promising. Maybe they'll catch this guy.

Chavez is sly like a fox. I think he knows exactly how absurd his comments are, but he believes he can retell the story and everyone will believe it - and they don't, he doesn't care.