Sunday, November 8, 2009

Duane the American Muslim understands Americans - and he knows we will forget!

by Maggie at Maggie's Notebook

A British reporter chatted-it-up with an American Muslim at the local mosque where murdering, Islamicist Nidal Hasan, worshipped.

Duane, the American Muslim, said he has "no pity" for the dead at Ft. Hood. He admits that we [infidels] will be shocked by his words but predicts that after 5 minutes we'll forget about it and go on our way.

"Duane" must be issuing a challenge to Liberals, because I promise, conservatives will not forget:

"it's just like a majority of the people who hear this will be shocked and after 5 minutes they will forget about it and go on their way."
Muslim-appeasing Liberals will forget Duane, but not I, not my liberty-loving friends. We won't be forgetting, and you can sleep well knowing that our military will never, never forget - but they will protect your rotten soul - you who would never have the strength to live the rest of your life among your own "brothers," as you affectionately refer to them, in the squalor of a real Muslim environment, where your life has no value. The only thing lower than you in a Muslim country are your women.

American Muslim "Duane" - attends Hasan's local mosque - "no pity" for soldiers (video)

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