Friday, November 6, 2009

And The World AcceptsTerrorism...

...As long as it is done against Israel and/or Jews.

That is the verdict of the world now that the United Nations General Assembly United Assholes of the World voted 114 in favor to 18 against with 44 cowardly nations abstaining to submit the Goldstone Report (a work of malicious fiction if there ever was one) to the UN Security Council in a bid to destroy Israel via the United Nations (considering the Arabs are just too stupid, lazy and birdbrained to destroy Israel on the battlefield).
The UN General Assembly approved on Thursday an Arab-backed resolution endorsing the Goldstone Report, paving the way for the matter to be sent to the Security Council.

A total of 114 nations voted in favor of the resolution and 18 voted against it, with 44 members abstaining.

Israel and the US voted against the decision, as did Germany, Holland, Canada, Australia and several eastern European nations. Most EU states abstained.

Israel on Thursday night rejected the decision. "The results of the vote, and the large number of countries who voted against or abstained, clearly show that the assembly's resolution does not enjoy the support of the moral majority," a statement by the Foreign Ministry read.

The statement stressed that the resolution had no connection to "the reality Israel faces."

"During Operation Cast Lead the IDF exhibited higher standards of combat and morals than those held by the all the initiators of the resolution," the Israeli statement added. "Israel will continue to act to defend itself from international terrorism, as any Democratic country would."

It was Col. Richard Kemp (UK) who spoke the only true words to the Security Council on this point:

Riyad Mansour, the Palestinian UN observer called the resolution "an important night in the history of the General Assembly and the history of fighting against impunity and seeking accountability."

The nonbinding resolution on the Goldstone document, which alleges war crimes by Israel and Hamas during the IDF's offensive in Gaza last winter, aims to open doors toward prosecution in the international courts. But as the debate dragged into its second day on Thursday, European nations threatened to abstain from a vote just as others feverishly tried to negotiate softer terms. Of particular concern was language fully endorsing the report and requiring Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to take up the issue within three months or send the matter to the Security Council.

Absent from the debate was US Ambassador Susan Rice, whose deputies were present but were not among some 50 scheduled speakers.

"Our position on the Goldstone Report is well-known," a US official said. "The US is prepared to speak when and if there is an occasion to advance the debate."

The official said representatives of the US mission attended Wednesday and Thursday's debate. "It's not unusual for ambassadors to attend portions of a debate that lasts several hours or in this case, two days."
Funny how Adlai E. Stevenson never needed to do that, even at the height of the Cuban Missile Crises.
But officials privately said the blustery debate was a distraction from another goal: urging Israelis and Palestinians to resume peace talks. US officials were expected to release a statement following the vote, explaining their position.
If this pass through the Security Council without a veto from the United States, Israel won't sit down at anytime with Barack Hussein Obama, let alone the Arabs.
On Thursday, European countries were still trying to soften the text of the draft resolution. Most European nations expressed discontent with parts of the resolution, including language endorsing the report and referring the matter to the Security Council. "There's been progress, but there's also been backpedaling," a European diplomat said.

European countries, concerned with "grave accusations," want accountability and have demanded that accusations be addressed by both sides.

The European Union took a similarly moderate approach in the debate.

"The EU takes note of the recommendations of the mission and emphasizes the obligations of all parties to the conflict to respect international humanitarian law and international human rights law," said Swedish Ambassador to the UN Anders Liden, speaking on behalf of the 27 EU countries on Wednesday. "In this regard the EU believes that appropriate follow-up will be necessary."

The EU comments were welcomed by Israeli officials, who delivered a blistering assault on the Goldstone mandate and report in their speech on Wednesday.
In other words, don't cut off our oil Mr. Arab and we will back your plan to finish the job your hero, Hitler started. We really want to do it you know.
"Rather than confronting terrorism, the General Assembly chose again to detach itself from reality," said Israel's top UN official, Gabriela Shalev. "Today's debate is anything but genuine and candid.

"Rather than discuss how to better stop terrorist groups who deliberately target civilians, this body launches yet another campaign against the victims of terrorism, the people of Israel,"
she said.

Why bother with Darfur? They don't matter. Or the Sudan. Or any other part of the world. The only place that matters to the United Assholes of the World is Israel. The only abused people there ever were are called Palestinians.

Goldstone means that terrorism by Muslims against the West and specifically Israel is not only acceptable, but allowed under International Law.

And since our President is intent to force the United States to recognize International Law over the US Constitution, then by legal rights Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, mass killer of Fort Hood, should be released, given an honorable discharge from the Army, and monetary compensation for wronging him. For under the United Nations what he did is legal and his right.

If we had a President with the some balls he would use the Law of Eminent Domain to take control of that eyesore on the East River and throw that bunch of Assholes out. Perhaps they would be happier in Saudi Arabia or Iran. Tehran would be the perfect place for that Tower of Babel.

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