The Book of Obama

1. He ventured forth to bring light unto the world.
2. Sermon on the Mount.
3. Unto the Multitude He Spoke.
4. The Lesson at the Dome.
5. He Returnth to Bring Light Upon the World
6. Homily To The Muslims.
7. The Pastor's Wife's Letter
8. The Tome Of Health
9. The Awakening!
10. The State Of The Nation
11. Platitudes Of Oil
12. In Humility He Spoke
13. The Leopard Will Change His Spots 
14. Bull Sh*t Upon The Jews 
15. With Gleeful Joy 
16. Missive to the Faithful
17.  Once Again He Spoke Upon The Multitudes




Barack Hussein Is On His Way
The Obama Prayer

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Anonymous said...

Well based on your guidelines I can't think of a word to say about Barack Hussein Obama!!!!