Thursday, April 17, 2014

Gang Rape in France

Gary Fouse

Hat tip Gallia Watch

It seems that from one European country to the next, rape has become an epidemic. We see it in Sweden, Norway, the UK,  and also in France among others. The pattern is identical. The victims are native women or girls, the perps are immigrant Muslims and the resultant sentences are lenient. It is almost as if this crime is our equivalent of a misdemeanor in Europe.

Courtesy of Gallia Watch, here is a horrendous recent case from the French town of Evres, where one French girl was savagely gang-raped for hours by three Turks and a Moroccan. The good news is that they have been captured. The bad news is you should not expect these animals to spend too many years in jail or even be deported.

Europe has a serious problem, and is not responding adequately. Actually, I am surprised that the news media even reported who these savages were. Usually the reports only indicate that they were "youths" or at most people from Asian backgrounds, as if they were Chinese or Japanese. Asian background in this case is code from Pakistan, India, or Bangladesh (South Asia).

Another constant refrain is that the arrestees tell police that the victims were "whores" because all French (or Swedish, Norwegian, or British girls) are "whores".

Does this mean that all or even most of Muslim immigrants in Europe are rapists? Of course not. It must also be added that we don't have this phenomenon in the US. However, the numbers in Europe don't lie. A recent study in Norway reported that over the course of the year, 86 "violent rapes" occurred in that country-all committed by "foreigners". I will bet you a steak dinner none of those were from Latin America, North America or the countries we consider Asian in the US. (Far East, SE Asia, Pacific Rim).

This is partly the fault of Europe's acceptance without question of their own perverted definition of "multi-culturalism", which must not be criticized at all costs. The truth is that the people themselves have had enough. Their leaders, however, the politicians, the academics, and the media-and especially the EU will not bend. They know the Muslim world is watching-and they must not be offended no matter how many outrages the Europeans must suffer-no matter how much their societies are torn asunder. Just think: In some European countries, I could be prosecuted just for writing this piece. Yet in the UK, Anjem Choudary and his gang of Muslim fanatics can stand on a street corner and call for critics of Islam to be beheaded without penalty and nobody dares do a thing about it. That's cowardice.

Just like what is happening in France.

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