Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Cure For Islamophobia

The latest rant from Pat Condell

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The lie of the century.
Who is to blame for "Islamophobia" in the UK?

The truth about the "wave of attacks on Muslims" after Woolwich murder

"Tell Mama" exaggerated anti-Muslim attacks

Fewer anti-Muslim hate crimes after Woolwich murder than feared

Muslim hate monitor to lose backing

The real agenda behind the push for "Islamophobia"

Pew Forum survey: "The world's Muslims: Religion, politics and society"

Fall in "Islamophobic" crime, while MCB spins the opposite

Hate crime stats deflate "Islamophobia" myth

The invention of Islamophobia

The Islamisation of Britain in 2013

Islamisation: The cultural suicide of the West

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