Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Marco Rubio "Backing Away" From Immigration Bill? How?

Have you read the book, I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can by documentary film maker Barbara Gordon? It's the story of having a successful career and an addiction to Valium; fighting to overcome mistakes she made while under the influence, and the struggle returning to her norm. One of the reader reviewers said in 2000, "This is the Age of the Quick Fix." It's no different today in politics. The Senate Immigration bill s. 744 was a quick fix and a lethal punch yielding a fundamental change to America, in the worst sense of "fundamental change." Senator Marco Rubio isn't influenced by drugs or alcohol, he's addicted to politics. He made an enormous mistake with the Senate immigration bill and is now "backing away." Rubio's support of the Senate bill is the biggest mistake a supposed-conservative can make, and now he's doing a subtle tap-dance, a little electric slide, a bit of hustle trying to back away without actually "backing away." We need a vigorous ballet leap. We don't care if that leap is graceful. It needn't be adagio.

I understand that getting to the U.S. Senate is heady stuff, but I don't think I've ever watched a flip as fast as Rubio's. Rather than 'border security first,' he went straight to "freezing 11 million people in place," as more important, and he stated that opinion over and over.

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is no fool. He was ecstatic with the 'Rubio get,' fully understanding the value of a fresh, young, iconic conservative, the son of immigrants, pushing a progressive dream.
Florida watcher, The Shark Tank, and my 'go to' place for that state's news, says Senator Marco Rubio "continues pulling back on his immigration reform position," and "seems to be backing away from his own bill."
How is he pulling back? I've seen Rubio come close to disappearing from the national stage lately, perhaps hoping we will forget that he was not committed to securing the border first. But he has not denounced the work of the Gang of 8 or his part in it.
He has written that he "argued for a better approach," but "the Senate decided to do it in one big piece of legislation." Yes they did, because that is how he and seven other Senators wrote the legislation. He's dancing as fast as he can.
If Rubio wants to appear to be backing away, I suggest he clearly state that the Senate immigration bill was, and is, a terrible idea and acknowledge that he supported doing exactly what he told us for years, even while setting his sights on the Senate, he would not do -- support immigration/amnesty without securing the border first.
Tell us truthfully, how the misleading Senate plan to secure the border will not even come close to doing so, and explain to the people who the Gang of 8 gave the authority to, to confirm that the border is secure. At the time, that person was Janet Napolitano.
1. Rubio believes the House Immigration Principles (which had not been released at the time), will be "widely supported." We've seen them now and we can see there is nothing different from the Senate bill. Surely, Rubio had seen the "principles" and/or discussed them with members of the House. He surely knew what was coming.
2. Rubio now understands that the "American people "lacked confidence" in the Obama administration and it's desire for "blanket legalization." What? Rubio didn't know conservatives had no confidence in Obama's government before getting to Washington, D.C.? Then why the ardent promises to secure the border first? Isn't that the only real issue at this time -- a real and present danger?
Rubio has a new awakening. In The Shark Tank's short article linked below, the word "confidence" is used four times. The dawning of our "lack of confidence" in government has caught his attention and now he has to dance as fast as he can while maintaining his reputation of a calm demeanor and soaring oratory -- words, just words, won't help him until he gets serious and works to undo what will be a bigger betrayal of this country than ObamaCare. Combine his immigration bill with ObamaCare and it is 11 million times worse.
It’s still an Issue that needs to be solve, I think the better way to solve it at this point, given the lack of confidence people have in the federal government, is to do it in a way that will gain people’s confidence, and that is why I think a sequential approach is the better approach - it was originally what I had advocated for, it’s not the direction the Senate headed, but in essence, it sounds like that’s the direction everyone wants to head nowThe Shark Tank:
"Now?" When have conservatives wanted to head in the direction Rubio led us? 
Democrats recently held a "dance-off" to encourage the young, the healthy, and especially the gay, lesbian, bi and transgenders to sign up for ObamaCare. Are we now engaged in a dance-off in the Republican party to secure the border before all else?
I went to sleep last year before the election believing that all my colleagues believed in the rule of law, and opposed amnesty, and understood the impact of amnesty. And then I woke up the morning after the election and they believed something different.” ~ Rep. Steve King
When we actually take the steps required to secure the borders, we should have our border governors, not the Obama administration, certify that they are secure.  I’m sure, after that’s accomplished, all of us could quickly come to an agreement about what to do with our broken immigration system and the millions who have come here illegally. ~ Rep. Louie Gohmert
God help us. Undo this thing. Denounce this craziness and stand with Congressman Steve King (R-IA)  and Louie Gohmert (R-TX) on House immigration reform.

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