Thursday, October 24, 2013

Apartheid State?

In an Apartheid State the rights of minorities are drastically reduced or ignored.  Just ask any Black South African who lived through that nation's apartheid period.  They had no right to vote, live where they wanted to, go to school, learn their native language, worship God how they wished, etc...

This term is applied to Israel by anti-Semites who wish to destroy the Jewish nation.  They claim that Israelis Jews are committing every crime known to mankind to the Palestinians Fakistinians.  One of the biggest ones is that non-Jews cannot rise in the ranks of the IDF.

Not true.  Just ask the Druze.  They are not only drafted the same as their Jewish counterparts, they have every right that any other citizen of Israel has.  And the IDF has proven this once again.
Col. Rassan Alian
Economics Minister Naftali Bennett, Chairman of the Bayit Yehudi faction, expressed satisfaction Thursday with the planned appointment of Col. Rassan Alian to head the Golani Brigade. Alian will be the first Druze to command the brigade.

The appointment will be formalized once Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon signs it.

"Rassan is a Druze," Bennett told his Facebook friends. "Rassan is also a brother: we went through Officers' Training Course in the same company at [the Officers Training School,] Bahad 1, we navigated and trained together, and he ran faster than I did, and I do not forgive him for that to this day."

Col. Alian fought in the Second Lebanon War as Commander of the Rotem Battalion and was wounded in the course of that war. Married and a father of one, he lives in Shefaram, in northern Israel.

Alian was commander of the Duchifat Battalion in the past, and was also Deputy Commander of the Golani Brigade, among other command positions he has been posted to.

The next commander of the Nahal Brigade will be Col. Uri Gordin, formerly commander of the elite infantry commando, Sayeret Matkal. Col. Yair Valensky will be the commander of the "Iron Tracks" tank formation, Col. Yoram Knafo will be commander of the Golan artillery formation, Col. Sasi Aka will be in charge of the Kela' David missile formation, which specializes in anti-tank warfare, and Col. Y will command the Active Defense Wing.

The IDF will also soon have its first Bedouin tank commander, Cpl. Mustafa Tabash.

The appointments of members of minorities to sensitive military positions belie the oft-stated claim, by Israel's foes, that it practices "aparheid" toward its minorities.

Show me where in the Arab or Muslim world that Christians, Druze, Jews, Hindus, or Buddhists not only serve in their militaries but rise to high rank and offices.  You will not find one single example. In the Middle East is a man or woman judged not by their religion, not by their tribe but by their merit.  Nor will you hear any condemnation of this appointment from the citizens of Israel either.  There will be no riots, no protests about his appointment.

Congratulations Col. Alian, Son of Grace.

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