Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Univ. California Finds Solution to Hate Speech: Restorative Justice

Gary Fouse

"Restorative justice. That's the ticket. Problem solved, right boys?"

Stop the presses! All those complaints about anti-Semitism on the University of California campuses are finally going to be straightened out. The UC president......

Mark Yudoff, has initiated a new program that will end anti-Semitic hate speech on all campuses forever.

Restorative Justice.

The UC Irvine campus paper, New University, has the scoop.


Wow! We are even incorporating the Palestinian method of conflict resolution. How cool.

"They call it sulha."

I am certainly gratified that our UCI Diretor of Student Conduct, Edgar Dormitorio, has endorsed the program. He sure has witnessed enough conflict at UCI over the years-especially at those annual Israel Apartheid events every May.

I noted that the article said something about dealing with racial slurs and homophobia. I assume it means all forms of hate, no matter who the victims or perpetrators are. Anyway, it's nice to know we will have a civil campus this coming May. No more hate speakers will be coming, right?


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