Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Ugliest Rose Parade Ever

Gary Fouse

Hat  tip to American Power, Weasel Zippers, and Coordinating Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism

As previously reported, the Occupy movement decided they wanted to crash the party at Pasadena's Rose Parade. Enabled by the cowards who represent the city and the parade, the occupiers were allowed to trail the final float down Colorado Blvd. Here is a video of their demonstration, in which they built a giant octopus as their symbol of somebody strangling the financial world. (Guess who.)

That octopus has great symbolism. It is reminiscent of the old cartoon drawing showing the Jewish octopus strangling the world's economy.

Ever since this Occupy phenomena began, there has been the specter of anti-Semitism as expressed by many of the individual protesters and many of their posters. The implication is clear. Wall, Street is controlled by the Jews. Not to say that every single protester embraces that idea, and, undoubtedly, there are Jewish protesters among them. Yet, it is out there, and it is scandalous that so few are willing to call it out.

Several times the theme has cropped up, especially in New York and Los Angeles. It is no accident that you are seeing Palestinian keffiyas (scarves) on some protesters. It is no accident that CAIR has joined the protesters in New York. They have taken advantage of yet another opportunity for the anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian crowd to link arms with the left. What happened today in Pasadena simply adds more documentation.

Even without the octopus and its ugly symbolism, what happened today in Pasadena was an outrage. The city officials obviously caved in to the demands of the mob, and as a result, the traditional parade was defaced and disgraced as never before in its long history.

Meanwhile, in New York's Zuccotti Park, there was more anarchy and more arrests on New Years eve. A policeman was stabbed in the hand, and protesters obstructed the ambulance trying to take him to the hospital.

The battle lines are being drawn for this November's election. This is President Obama's crowd out there. You see almost nothing; you hear almost nothing said against Obama, the administration or the Democrats. Accordingly, neither Obama nor the Democrats will condemn them.

If this is what you want to see running the country for another 4 years, your choice is clear; Obama is your man.

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