Monday, October 10, 2011

Why I'm Furious!

This angers me:

Why hasn't he been arrested?  I wonder why the whore who birth this creature isn't hiding her head in shame, isn't running from the nation in horror, isn't disowning this little bastard?

Why is it that Mayor Bloomberg hasn't shut this circus down?  Or that the President, House Minority Leader and the rest of the idiots in the Democratic Party are supporting these creatures in their orgy of drugs, sex and depravity.  That wallowing in filth is better than clean sheets and showers.  And blaming their troubles on Jews, Bankers, and Millionaires.  It is nobody's fault that you are $50,000 in debt and have a degree in Women's Studies.  It is your fault.  Didn't you ask what job can you get with a degree in Women's Studies and if you couldn't afford the university you attended did you ever consider going to a cheaper college?  If the answer to either one of those questions is no, then blame yourself.  Nobody wants to hear your whine.

My advice to the idiots sleeping on the street is grow up.  Get a job, any job.  Pay off your loans.  And learn to live a life not a cause.


Maggie Thornton said...

I completely get the subject of your rage, but the pic or video isn't showing. Just an FYI.


Findalis said...

I think it is fixed Maggie.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Both Bloomberg and Pelosi approve of this madness...Bloomberg said they can stay as long as they like...I guess he feels as though he has unlimited funds to pay for police overtime

PatriotUSA said...

This filth that is now OWS is backed by the far left, the democrats, THE WHITE HOUSE, the far left ass wipes of Hollywood and many of the vile and corrupt unions, chief among them the SEIU(Scumbag Extortionists International Union).

This will only continue to get worse and violence will soon be commonplace and SOP. Very few of these parasites have jobs or have ever worked an honest days labor for an honest days wages.

It is just a matter of time before this entire affair backfires on the left and libtards.

Debbie said...

I understand your rage, but they are showing the world who and what they are, let the rest of America have a good look at the Left in this country, take a good look. Compare these people to the TEA party people.

Today they are marching on the HOMES of "millionaires", even one that is dead, they are marching on the home of his family.

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