Saturday, July 12, 2014

Hypocrisy in the Israel-Hamas War: Max Blumenthal and Hussam Ayoush

Gary Fouse

Writer Max Blumenthal and LA CAIR Director Hussam Ayloush are engaging in gross hypocrisy when it comes to the fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Blumenthal, a rabid opponent of Israel, tweeted a picture of residents of Sderot, Southern Israel sitting in lawn chairs on a hilltop overlooking Gaza and watching the Israeli rockets hit their marks (rocket launchers and Hamas locations). Ayloush re-tweeted it pointing out that the Israelis were cheering as the rockets struck home.

First of all, were I a resident of Sderot after years of having to hit the bomb shelters as Hamas rockets landed in our schoolyards from Gaza, I would be cheering too.

But here is the hypocrisy. Where was the outrage when hundreds of Arab residents of Israel were standing on Temple Mount and cheering the rockets being shot into Israel?

Can you say hypocrites? Is there not a difference between cheering for your own country within your own country as opposed to a 5th column cheering the enemy from within?

It is also worth noting that while Israeli rockets are targeted toward rocket launching sites and Hamas leaders, Hamas rockets are targeted toward civilians. Further, the Israeli airstrikes are in response to the Hamas rockets that have continually been poured into Israel from Gaza. Yes, it is unfortunate that innocent civilians are killed, but that is going to happen even when you try to avoid it-even when you warn the residents of buildings ahead of time to get out-as Israel does.

Consider this: What would we expect the US to do if Cuba was sending rockets into Miami? Of course, we would be expected to retaliate. In the process, innocent Cubans would die no matter how much we tried to engage in precision bombing.

Whose fault would it be?

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