Monday, December 9, 2013

If Only For A Second

For every cancer patient one of the things that change in their lives is the ability to be carefree and spontaneous.  For 20 cancer patients in France the Mimi Foundation gave them a moment of joy.

A French cancer charity found a remarkable - and hilarious - way for sufferers to forget their illness.

The Mimi Foundation gave 20 people with the disease flamboyant makeovers. By placing a photographer behind a two-way mirror they asked the makeover subjects to close their eyes and then captured their reactions when they opened them and first saw their new look. The results are both inspiring and joyous.

Click here if the video fails to load.

The foundation said it was inspired by a remark from a cancer sufferer who was asked what they missed from the time they were cancer-free (and replied), "You know what I miss the most? Being carefree."

I thought it was wonderful to look at their expressions.  Funny?  Yes.  But wonderful too.

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