Wednesday, November 13, 2013

MPAC Declaration Against Extremism

Gary Fouse

I recently reported on an event at the Islamic Center of Southern California on November 2  in Los Angeles, in which the Muslim Public Affairs Council was to make a declaration against extremism. The event was only attended by about 50 people and the much-anticipated declaration was not immediately published.

A friend has made inquiries about the declaration from MPAC and was provided with the below link:

I will let the reader decide how specific this declaration is.

It should be noted that this link is not on the main MPAC website and thus, does not seem designed to garner much attention. It raises the question as to what will be the reaction from the rest of the major Islamic organizations in the US and abroad. Will they support this statement, interpret in their own way, ignore it, or denounce it?

The much-ballyhooed event in Los Angeles seems to have ended with a whimper.

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