Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Kindergarten Presidency

From The American Thinker
Last week was especially harsh for the President. The failure to find common ground at the Americas summit was overshadowed by the scandal of members of his Secret Service detail whoring and partying till dawn and then stiffing at least one of the hookers for the bill.

It did not help that the Secretary of State was photographed in her own Cabo San Lucas Spring Break moment dancing with staffers and drinking beer at another nightclub in town. Diplomacy is hard work and sometimes you have to let off a little steam, I guess.

In addition, we were treated to GSA Gone Wild © this week as the House held hearings on a $3,000 per person junket to Las Vegas that didn't quite stay in Vegas. Notice a trend here? Jello shots anyone?

And it was only few weeks ago that we were treated to sight of the First Lady being slimed on national television at the Nickelodeon Awards.

There is a history of members of the Obama Administration acting like a bunch of sophomores on Spring Break. This analysis excludes their very real scandals such as Solyndra , MF Financial and the $500 Million no bid smallpox vaccine contract. The Administration has become an ATM for its supporters and Animal House for its members.

The First Lady's regular and high profile vacations; the special edition Obama profile emblazoned basketballs distributed on Easter Monday; the courting the 1% while inciting class warfare; all of this points to a hypocrisy, self-involvement and level of disregard for propriety that would have been inappropriate in grade school, but is especially degrading of the dignity of the White House, and through it, our nation.

This goes back to the early days of the Administration when the President returned the bust of Winston Churchill, gave the Queen of England an iPod with his speeches prerecorded and presented the Prime Minister's children with Revell models of his helicopter from the White House Gift Store as gifts of state. There has been a certain lack of class from the very beginning. Ticky tack, one might say.

Leaders lead by example. Contrast the current administration with those of Truman, Reagan, Carter or the Bushes. The examples set by the President and First Lady from the outset has encouraged bad behavior.

There is a lack of respect for the rules and rites of diplomacy, for decorum, and by extension the American People. There is a contempt for the law and a sense of entitlement by certain public servants that has never before been present. And underlying much of this is the conduct of the President and the First Lady.

This administration reminds me of school on a Saturday.  NO CLASS!  The words dignity, decorum, honesty and good taste have been thrown out of dictionary at this White House.

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