Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Difference Between Boys And Girls

This one got to me.  Another example of Political Correctness gone wild!

Image going into the girl's bathroom and discovering the "girl" next to you has a penis.  What should you do? If you live in Maine and attend public school there, then you do nothing.  It is permitted.
The Maine Human Rights Commission has ruled in favor of a transgender child who was denied the right to use the gender appropriate restroom at her school. The commission recently ruled in favor of a transgender adult in a similar case as well.

The Maine Human Rights Commission ruled Monday that the Orono School Department discriminated against a transgender child by denying her access to the girls bathroom.

While the school department’s lawyer warned that schools around the state may not be ready to manage the practical fallout from the decision, civil liberties advocates hailed the ruling as an advancement of human rights.

“This ruling is a huge step forward for a vulnerable population that is entitled to the full protection of the law,” said Zachary Heiden, legal director of the Maine Civil Liberties Union. “There will always be voices who claim we’re not ready, we’re not there yet, the time to end discrimination is next year, or next session. But victims of discrimination should not have to wait.”

The attorney for the child and her parents said his clients are very happy with the outcome of their complaint.

“At the very heart of it is the issue of basic human dignity and fundamental civil liberties,” said Eric Mehnert. “It was a good decision.”

But Melissa Hewey, attorney for the Orono School Department, said the ruling was “a huge leap.”

“I’m not sure that it takes into account practicalities that face educators around the state,” she said. “You can understand [the ruling] intellectually. You can agree with it intellectually. But practice is sometimes different — and I think that’s what may have escaped some people in this case.”

The discrimination in question first occurred in October 2007 when the child was in the fifth grade at Asa Adams School. Until then, she was allowed to use the girls’ bathroom, although she was biologically male. But that fall, the transgender child was followed into the girls room by a male student who had “previously started to harass her by stalking her and calling her ‘faggot,’” according to the Maine Human Rights Commission investigator’s report.

After the second such episode, the boy was suspended and removed from the transgender child’s class. At that point, school officials told the transgender child that she had to use a single-stall faculty bathroom at the other end of the school, and that was when her parents decided to take the matter to the Maine Human Rights Commission.

Paul Melanson, grandfather of the boy accused of harassing the transgender student, also filed a complaint with the Maine Human Rights Commission, saying that not allowing his grandson to use the girls bathroom or the faculty bathroom as the other child did was a violation of his grandson’s right to public accommodation under the Maine Human Rights Act. Melanson had given his grandson permission to use the girls bathroom as long as the transgender student was doing so, according to the report.

Enough is enough, an irate Melanson said Monday of the commission’s ruling.

“It ticks me right off that you’re letting a kid run the whole system,” he said.

Melanson is now trying to inspire Maine moms to protest the decision, which he thinks is wrong — and unfair to both boys and girls.

“Little boys do not belong in the little girls room, and vice versa,” he said. “This isn’t just about my kid. A lot of children have come up to me and said that this isn’t right.”

Read the full story here.
This is PC gone wild.  I don't care what this freak of nature thought it was.  If a child has a penis it is a boy!  If a child has a  vagina, it is a girl!  That concept is not hard to understand.  You do not have to be a rocket scientist to comprehend it.

You can contact the Orono Public School by emailing or calling:

Gary Kubat, Communications Director


Don Germanson, Webmaster

Their fax number is: 952-449-8399

Snail Mail:

685 Old Crystal Bay Rd N
PO Box 46
Long Lake, MN 55356

This is just plain wrong.  Another example of the Moonbats trying to control and destroy our values and way of life.

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PatriotUSA said...

This is just really sick.
Let's make bathrooms a
paved highway for the
pedophiles, rapists, +
and perverts in Maine.
If this stands it will not stop
in Maine. I am sure Obama's
Safe education Czar approves