Monday, June 13, 2011

The Eternal Covenant

Hat tip to Chabad

In light of the upcoming vote in San Francisco to ban circumcision, I discovered this little gem.  It speaks volumes of why Jews find this law abhorrent and a slap in the face to each of us.

With every mitzvah we bind ourselves to G-d. Except brit milah.
When a Jew is circumcised, G-d binds Himself to him with an eternal covenant.

Thus is the Law of Moses, the Law of Israel.  Since Father Abraham until today, we have not broken the covenant.  When the Greeks forbade us, we went to war and won (Ever wonder why the Maccabees went to war?).  Under persecution and pogroms the covenant was kept.  During the horrors of the Holocaust and the repression of the Soviet System, the covenant was kept.  When not circumcising our sons would make it easier for them to achieve success, the covenant was kept.  And if Matthew Hess and Lloyd Schofield get their wish and ban circumcision from the city of San Francisco in the hopes of destroying the Jewish people, they will be surprised.  For we will fill the jails but NEVER DESTROY THE ETERNAL COVENANT WITH G-D!

In every generation there are those who come to destroy us.  We are still here, they have gone.

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