Thursday, April 2, 2009

What kind of man sneaks into a village and attacks a child with an axe?

The worst scum of the Earth that is!

Yesterday Shlomo Nativ, age 16, was murdered by an axe welding, peace-loving member of the Religion of Peace.

Shlomo Nativ, age 16

Sixteen-year-old Shlomo Nativ was killed and a seven-year-old boy was moderately injured in an attack carried out by a terrorist carrying an axe in the West Bank settlement of Bat Ayin Thursday noon.

According to the police, the terrorist managed to flee the scene. The IDF launched a hunt for the terrorist, set up roadblocks and boosted security throughout the communities in the area.

Palestinian sources reported that IDF forces were surrounding a house in the nearby village of Khirbet Safa where they suspected the attacker may be hiding.

A Magen David Adom rescue team tried to resuscitate the teen, who they said ran into a house after being attacked, but he died of his injuries. Ozer Zilbershlad, a ZAKA rescue service volunteer at the scene told Ynet, "You could see a trail of blood where the deceased ran."

Read the full story here.
At 16 you haven't had time to do much in life. He was too young to drive, to young to vote, to young to drink. And being a religious young man, he never even had a girlfriend.

Yet the Palestinians are rejoicing over this great victory. President Obama and the world's leaders are demanding that Israel surrender its nation to these animals, and the children of Israel are paying the price.

It is time for Israel to take a very hard stand and tell the world NO!

NO Negotiations!
NO 2-State Solution!
NO to Oslo, Annapolis, Saudi or any other so-called peace plan!
NOTHING until the Palestinians give up terror as a tactic!


Right Truth said...

This is horrible, just horrible.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Faultline USA said...

"Scum" is too nice a word for that muderer!

Dustin said...

It really is sad what happens. However I must admit that the constant vilifying of an entire body of people and using words like "animals" to describe a people is so horribly Hitler-esque it is sad.

And while I certainly don't agree with what this terrorist did, a very important fact was left out of this post that would have been a lot less blindingly one-sided. Ynet also reported that the boy who was injured was the son of a member of the "Bat Ayin Underground" who along with others went were caught in 2002 for "attempting to bomb a Palestinian girls' school in East Jerusalem".

Hatred is hatred. What we give out comes back to us. If people spent more time figuring out how people are similar we might have a lot less pointless deaths for everyone regardless of diversity (and we would be all living up to the basic tenants of most religions instead of pretending to be pious individuals).

Findalis said...

What do you call a people that purposely target children, Dustin? The creature that did this act (no I will not excuse this, nor will I call him human) was raised on a steady diet of hatred and bigotry. Not by the Israelis, but by his own leaders.

Ask yourself this. Why do their leaders do this? Very easy to answer. To insure that the common person doesn't rise up against them.

You did the one thing that is common among the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic crowd. You are blaming the victim for the attack. Regardless of who his father is, he had a right to live. To blame a victim for what his father did, is forgetting that this child did not commit any crime.

It has become the standard cry of the Arabs and their moonbat supporters on the left that when any terrorist attack happens to a Jew, it is the fault of the Jews. Hitler did this very effectively. The fault here lies with the creature who believes and has been taught from childhood to accept as gospel truth, that Jews are Pigs and Apes. Worthy of only being raped and killed.

Dustin said...

Actually it appears you did not understand my comment at all. I said the children were absolutely not at fault. No where did I say that the innocent children were to blame.

And you are right I abhor anyone who would target innocent children (including the Bat Ayin Underground and the terrorist involved in this attack). Children should not bare the sins of adults.

By mentioning the Bat Ayin Underground, my point was mostly in exposing that people need to stop focusing on the hatred. Both sides in these wars (mostly done by terrorist groups inside of a larger group of people) have continually done things out of revenge which unfortunately continue a battle that puts tons of innocents unrightfully in the middle.

Also I wouldn't say that it is just the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic crowd that blames the victim for the crime, but more of a horribly uninformed human reaction. Many people tend to blame the victim in tons of situation (including rape, assault, etc).

If we are going to talk about leaders ensuring that common people don't rise up and band together, then we should talk about how they all keep us separate by convincing us that we are all fundamentally different. Once people realize that others are human then perhaps we wouldn't have such a desire to verbally or physically debase others.

(And as a random note here before others who don't know me think that I am some extreme hippie, I just want to say that I accept that random world peace cannot and will not spring into existence. Heck it might not ever be a reality due to "human nature". Sometimes revenge or vengeance is an option, but people need to be willing to accept that there will be some form of consequence.)

Findalis said...

While it is true that hatred breeds hatred, the majority of Israelis don't hate the Arabs, they feel sorry for them, they pity them.

But there are no Arabs who do not hate Jews. They teach their children this hatred from birth. They are weaned on this venom. Their whole society and religion is based on this hatred.

With this as a backdrop Dustin, there can never be peace. Until not only the Arabs, but Islam changes and adopts a more tolerant path, I see nothing ahead but more hate, and more violence.