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You Can Run But Not Hide

Especially if your name is Anwar al-Awlaki.

Born in the United States to parents of Yemeni origins.  His parents returned to Yemen when he was 7.  He lived in Yemen for 11 years then returned to the United States to attend university.  He graduated Colorado State University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering and was the President of the University's Muslim Students Union.  He was a leader in al-Qaeda and took over leadership of the organization when Bin Ladin was killed.

al-Awlaki was the English voice of al-Qaeda.
The U.S.-born terror mastermind Anwar al-Awlaki has been killed, Fox News confirms.

The government of the Republic of Yemen officially announced the death, saying Awlaki was targeted and killed about 5 miles from the town of Khashef in the Province of Jawf.

The operation was launched earlier today at around 9:55 AM, local time.

Yemeni security and tribal officials said an air strike thought to have been carried out by U.S. aircraft on Friday targeted a convoy of cars traveling in the eastern province of Marib but could not say whether al-Awlaki was in the convoy.

The 40-year-old al-Awlaki is believed to have inspired and even plotted or helped coordinate some of the recent attacks on the U.S., including the failed Christmas Day 2009 bombing of an airliner heading for Detroit, Michigan, and the also unsuccessful plot to send mail bombs on planes from Yemen to the United States in October.

The American-born son of Yemeni parents rose to prominence as Al-Qaeda's English-speaking voice and electronic messenger, spreading its terrorist credo via a blog, social media posts and email exchanges with such people as the U.S. Army major accused of a murderous shooting rampage at Fort Hood, Texas.

The Pakistani-American man who pleaded guilty to the May 2010 Times Square failed car bombing attempt told interrogators he was "inspired" by al-Awlaki after making contact over the Internet. Al-Awlaki was further believed to have had a hand in mail bombs addressed to Chicago-area synagogues, packages intercepted in Dubai and Europe in October 2010.

Yemen had in the past reported the deaths of Al-Qaeda leaders who were later found to be alive. Al-Awlaki was last reported to have been killed in December 2009.

Al-Awlaki is on a U.S. kill-or-capture list and is accused by Washington of inspiring several attacks in the United States.

The Yemeni officials spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to share the information.

Yemen is the Arab world's most impoverished nation and has become a haven for Al-Qaeda militants.

Yemen has claimed this kill.  The US claims it was done by a drone.  All that matters is this scumbag is dead and getting his just reward.

Piece of candy anyone?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

One Day---Tribal Update From Latma

With Rosh Hashanah right before the Sabbath, everything has to be programed days before.  Here is a little gem I found from The Tribe.

New Year's Greetings from Latma

L'Shana Tova!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

L'Shana Tova

Rosh Hashanah 5772

The festival of Rosh Hashanah--the name means "Head of the Year"--is observed for two days beginning on Tishrei 1, the first day of the Jewish year. It is the anniversary of the creation of Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, and their first actions toward the realization of mankind's role in G-d's world.

Rosh Hashanah thus emphasizes the special relationship between G-d and humanity: our dependence upon G-d as our creator and sustainer, and G-d's dependence upon us as the ones who make His presence known and felt in His world. Each year on Rosh Hashanah, "all inhabitants of the world pass before G-d like a flock of sheep," and it is decreed in the heavenly court, "who shall live, and who shall die... who shall be impoverished, and who shall be enriched; who shall fall and who shall rise." But this is also the day we proclaim G-d King of the Universe.

The central observance of Rosh Hashanah is the sounding of the shofar, the ram's horn, which also represents the trumpet blast of a people's coronation of their king. The cry of the shofar is also a call to repentance; for Rosh Hashanah is also the anniversary of man's first sin and his repentance thereof, and serves as the first of the "Ten Days of Repentance" which culminate in Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Another significance of the shofar is to recall the Binding of Isaac which also occurred on Rosh Hashanah, in which a ram took Isaac's place as an offering to G-d; we evoke Abraham's readiness to sacrifice his son and plead that the merit of his deed should stand by us as we pray for a year of life, health and prosperity. Altogether, we listen to 100 shofar blasts over the course of the Rosh Hashanah service.

Additional Rosh Hashanah observances include: a) Eating a piece of apple dipped in honey to symbolize our desire for a sweet year, and other special foods symbolic of the new year's blessings. b) Blessing one another with the words Leshanah tovah tikateiv veteichateim, "May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year." c) Tashlich, a special prayer said near a body of water (an ocean, river, pond, etc.) in evocation of the verse, "And You shall cast their sins into the depths of the sea." And as with every major Jewish holiday, after candlelighting and prayers we recite Kiddush and make a blessing on the Challah.

Leshanah tovah tikateiv veteichateim
"May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year."

Christian Pastor Faces Execution in Iran

Gary Fouse

Last night at the City of Orange City Council meeting, I was chatting with an acquaintance, who is a Christian from Iran. She was telling me about the religious intolerance that exists in Iran and how they were brought up to believe that Jews were dirty, smelly, unclean, and all sorts of things. It brought me back to thinking about that Jewish rabbi from the crazy Neturei Karta sect in New York, Ysroel Dovid Weiss, a nut job who spoke on behalf of the UC-Irvine Muslim Student Union last May during Israel-Apartheid Week. In my exchange with him after his dopey speech, he explained his friendship with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, whom he regularly visits in Iran, by informing me that Iran protects its Jewish minority. He would not address my accusations about persecution of Baha'i and homosexuals. Weiss pictured below schoozing with Ahmadinejad.

Now comes this piece of news that a Christian pastor faces execution because he refuses to recant and return to Islam. (Are you reading this CAIR? I know you are.)

As CAIR goes about its duties of telling us how badly Muslims are treated in this country (which is a crock) and threatening to sue every person who dares speak out about these outrages around the world, they might try to come up with an explanation for this horror.

"Well, that's just Iran. We are opposed to Ahmadinejad. After all, we are always speaking out against him and Iranian policies towards, Jews, gays, Baha'i and Christians."


"Well, that's just Sudan. We condemn the genocide against the Darfurians and other black (non-Muslim Sudanese in the south). We are always speaking out against it."


"Well that's just Pakistan. We are always speaking out against the killing of Christians and Ahmadis and the burning of churches."


"Well thats just Iraq. We are always speaking out against the killing of Christians and the killing of Sunnis and Shia by each other."


Oh Well, that's just Egypt. We are always speaking out against the persecution of Coptic Christians.


"Well, that's just Yemen. We are always speaking out against the plight of the ancient Jewish community-what's left of it."


Well, that's just Gaza. We are always speaking out against the terror group, Hamas and their lobbing of rockets into Israeli schoolyards and their charter of killing the last Jew according to the hadith....."


Well, that's just Nigeria. We are always speaking out against the slaughter of Christians in the Muslim-dominated areas."

"Aren't we, boys?"

"That's right!"

* For all you UC Santa Cruz Community Studies majors, that's Norman Finkelstein, the famed "independent scholar with a PHD from Princeton. You've probably seen him on your campus a hundred times.

By the way, a very recent poll this year by the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center indicates that about 11% of US Muslims identify with CAIR. As for Weiss' Neturei Karta sect, I think you could fit them all into a phone booth.

* Phone booth- For all you UC Santa Cruz.......... never mind.

* UC Santa Cruz - America's Wackiest University.

If You Cannot Win The Election...

...Just Cancel Them.

That is the solution that North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue has suggested.
Bev Perdue
The solution to the nation's jobs crisis: suspend congressional elections?

That was the proposal put forward by North Carolina's governor, who was trying to make a point at a Rotary Club event that political considerations are hindering efforts in Washington to tackle unemployment and economic stagnation.

"I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won't hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover," Gov. Bev Perdue, a Democrat, said, according to a report by the Raleigh News & Observer. "You want people who don't worry about the next election."

It wasn't clear how serious Perdue was about giving lawmakers a get-out-of-an-election-free card -- especially considering that Congress' approval rating is in the gutter -- but Republicans quickly pounced on her remarks.

"Now is a time when politicians need to be held accountable more than ever," local GOP spokesman Rob Lockwood said in a statement to the newspaper. "Does the governor not believe that people of North Carolina have the ability to think for themselves about whether or not the actions of elected officials are working?"

Paul Coble, a GOP candidate for a House seat from North Carolina, also took exception to Perdue's comments.

"That’s a proposal that only the politicians that have worsened our economic mess could appreciate,” Coble, who is chairman of the Wake County commissioners, told the News & Observer.

Perdue's office later released a statement suggesting she wasn't really calling for a suspension of elections.

"Governor Perdue was obviously using hyperbole to highlight what we can all agree is a serious problem: Washington politicians who focus on their own election instead of what’s best for the people they serve," a spokeswoman said.

It is strange that every time the President finds himself in a sticky situation he tries to change the rules.  As the polls look President Obama could not get elected Dog Catcher, the Democrats will lose the Senate and more seats in the House, and a lot of States will be going from Blue and Purple to Red.  No wonder he wants to change the rules to suit him.  It is a shame that the Constitution prevents this:
Section 2 - The House

The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States, and the Electors in each State shall have the Qualifications requisite for Electors of the most numerous Branch of the State Legislature.
Very easy to understand Governor.  We have you there and there is no way we will change this to suit you, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and especially President Barack Hussein Obama.

Iran Is Pushing The Limits.

The Monroe Doctrine is a policy of the United States introduced on December 2, 1823. It stated that further efforts by European countries to colonize land or interfere with states in the Americas would be viewed as acts of aggression requiring U.S. intervention (however, the wording referred to the entire Western Hemisphere, which actually includes much of Europe and Africa). The doctrine was introduced by President Monroe when he was enraged at the actions being executed around him. The Monroe Doctrine asserted that the Americas were not to be further colonized by European countries but that the United States would neither interfere with existing European colonies nor meddle in the internal concerns of European countries. The Doctrine was issued at a time when many Latin American countries were on the verge of becoming independent from the Spanish Empire. The United States, reflecting concerns raised by Great Britain, ultimately hoped to avoid having any European power take over Spain's colonies.

In the 20th Century this was extended to Germany and Soviet aggressive behavior.

In other words, the nations in the Old World will not interfere with  the nations in the New World.  Iran and its satellite terror groups have thumb their noses at this.  And the last 3 Presidents haven't enforced this doctrine.  But now it may be time to enforce the Monroe Doctrine.
The Iranian navy plans to move naval vessels out of the Persian Gulf and into the Atlantic Ocean, "near maritime borders of the United States," the Tehran Times reported Tuesday.

According to the English-language paper based in Tehran, the announcement came from a top Iranian naval officer on Tuesday.

As the global arrogance (forces of imperialism) have a (military) presence near our sea borders, we also plan to have a strong presence near the U.S. sea borders with the help of the soldiers who are loyal to the vali-e faqih (supreme jurisprudent),” said Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, as quoted and paraphrased by the Tehran Times.

"We've been pushing freedom of the seas for years and the Iranian navy can go wherever it wants," said Pentagon Spokesman Capt. John Kirby.

Iranians might face a challenge in refueling its fleet. Some in the Pentagon have speculated it could gas up in Venezuela, whose President, Hugo Chavez, is known to have a close relationship with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The Iranians gave no indication of when or what kind of vessels they might deploy, but the announced plan comes just months after Iran sent warships through the Suez following the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. It was the first time Iran had moved ships into the Mediterranean and the move put Israel on high alert.

The naval unit plans to establish direct contact with the U.S. when it hits the Gulf of Mexico, a commander in the Iranian navy said. Officials in the Pentagon strongly denied any planned port visits by the Iranians.

One senior official echoed Capt. Kirby in saying that Iran has the pleasure of moving wherever it desires in international waters. But with known intent to approach U.S. maritime borders, he added, "they might have some company."

Any other President, and a Navy run not by Political Correctness would be tailing these ships with the intention of enforcing the Monroe Doctrine and sending a direct message to Tehran:

"Don't even think of it!"

Wednesday's Hero: Second Lt. Perla Kimes

Thanks to Greta Perry & John Donovan

Second Lt. Perla Kimes

Second Lt. Perla Kimes
U.S. Army

Second Lt. Perla Kimes has her bars of gold pinned on during a commissioning ceremony this summer at the Leader Development and Assessment Course on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash.

Photo Courtesy U.S. Army

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives just so others may get to enjoy freedom. For that I am proud to call them Hero.

Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look.

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And The World Is Suppose To Be Scared Of These Guys?

Last year the Iranians decided that Star Wars was the look for them.  This year it is a cross between Lady Gaga and a Bad Hair Day.  But once again the Iranian Army has trotted out their "New Look" for the year:

I guess a new hairstylist would help these guys.

Did anyone tell these guys that American Gladiator is no longer on the air?

The badges on their sashes are for not wetting the bed.

Once again the Iranians have shown us that good taste is not needed in their military.

Hat Tip to SimplyJews

Monday, September 26, 2011

OMG! Obama said what?

We cannot make these things up.  But a Freudian Slip of the tongue by the President tells more about what is really on his mind than the class warfare he is doing.

Hat tip to a12iggymom

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Girl's Pussy

Born Harry Lipman in Stamford Hill, London, England in 1900, Henry Roy was an early big band leader.  He and his brother Sidney formed a band which they called The Darnswells, with Harry playing saxophone and clarinet and Sidney on piano. During the 1920s they performed in several prestige venues such as the Alhambra and the London Coliseum, under names such as the Original Lyrical Five and the Original Crichton Lyricals. They spent three years at the Café de Paris, and toured South Africa, Australia, and Germany. By the early '30s Harry was fronting the band under his own name, and broadcasting from the Café Anglais and the Mayfair Hotel. In 1931 he wrote and sang "My Girl's Pussy", which has since been the subject of many covers and remakes. In 1935 he married Elizabeth Brooke, daughter of the white Rajah of Sarawak, with whom he appeared in two musical films, Rhythm Racketeer (1937) and Everything Is Rhythm (1940).

During the war years, Harry toured around with his band, Harry Roy's Tiger Ragamuffins. He was at the Embassy Club in 1942, and a little later, toured the Middle East, entertaining troops. In 1948 Harry went to the U.S., but was refused a work permit. Returning to England, he reformed his band and scored a big hit with his recording of "Leicester Square Rag".

By the early 1950s the big band era had come to an end. The band split up, but Harry still drifted in and out of the music scene. In the 1950s, he ran his own restaurant, the Diners' Club, but it was destroyed by fire. In 1969, Harry returned to music, leading a quartet in the London Lyric Theatre's show Oh Clarence, but he was by then in failing health and died in London in February 1971.

For your enjoyment:

My Girl's Pussy

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Strong Solar Activity Continues

STRONG SOLAR ACTIVITY:  New sunspot 1302 is crackling with strong solar flares.  This morning it unleashed an X2-class flare--its second X-flare in two days--quickly followed by an M7-class eruption.  So far the blasts have not been Earth-directed, but this could change in the days ahead as the sunspot turns toward our planet.  The sunspot is growing and there is no sign that it will quiet down soon.

Go to for more information and pictures.

Let That Light Be The Light Of Peace

The Full Text of Bibi Netanyahu's speech to the United Nations

Ladies and gentlemen, Israel has extended its hand in peace from the moment it was established 63 years ago. On behalf of Israel and the Jewish people, I extend that hand again today. I extend it to the people of Egypt and Jordan, with renewed friendship for neighbors with whom we have made peace. I extend it to the people of Turkey, with respect and good will. I extend it to the people of Libya and Tunisia, with admiration for those trying to build a democratic future. I extend it to the other peoples of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, with whom we want to forge a new beginning. I extend it to the people of Syria, Lebanon and Iran, with awe at the courage of those fighting brutal repression.

But most especially, I extend my hand to the Palestinian people, with whom we seek a just and lasting peace.

Ladies and gentlemen, in Israel our hope for peace never wanes. Our scientists, doctors, innovators, apply their genius to improve the world of tomorrow. Our artists, our writers, enrich the heritage of humanity. Now, I know that this is not exactly the image of Israel that is often portrayed in this hall. After all, it was here in 1975 that the age-old yearning of my people to restore our national life in our ancient biblical homeland — it was then that this was braided — branded, rather — shamefully, as racism. And it was here in 1980, right here, that the historic peace agreement between Israel and Egypt wasn’t praised; it was denounced! And it’s here year after year that Israel is unjustly singled out for condemnation. It’s singled out for condemnation more often than all the nations of the world combined. Twenty-one out of the 27 General Assembly resolutions condemn Israel — the one true democracy in the Middle East.

Well, this is an unfortunate part of the U.N. institution. It’s the — the theater of the absurd. It doesn’t only cast Israel as the villain; it often casts real villains in leading roles: Gadhafi’s Libya chaired the U.N. Commission on Human Rights; Saddam’s Iraq headed the U.N. Committee on Disarmament.

You might say: That’s the past. Well, here’s what’s happening now — right now, today. Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon now presides over the U.N. Security Council. This means, in effect, that a terror organization presides over the body entrusted with guaranteeing the world’s security.

You couldn’t make this thing up.

So here in the U.N., automatic majorities can decide anything. They can decide that the sun sets in the west or rises in the west. I think the first has already been pre-ordained. But they can also decide — they have decided that the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Judaism’s holiest place, is occupied Palestinian territory.

Menachem Mendel Schneerson
And yet even here in the General Assembly, the truth can sometimes break through. In 1984 when I was appointed Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, I visited the Great Rabbi of Lubavich. He said to me — and ladies and gentlemen, I don’t want any of you to be offended because from personal experience of serving here, I know there are many honorable men and women, many capable and decent people serving their nations here. But here’s what the rebbe said to me. He said to me, you’ll be serving in a house of many lies. And then he said, remember that even in the darkest place, the light of a single candle can be seen far and wide.

Today I hope that the light of truth will shine, if only for a few minutes, in a hall that for too long has been a place of darkness for my country. So as Israel’s prime minister, I didn’t come here to win applause. I came here to speak the truth. The truth is — the truth is that Israel wants peace. The truth is that I want peace. The truth is that in the Middle East at all times, but especially during these turbulent days, peace must be anchored in security. The truth is that we cannot achieve peace through U.N. resolutions, but only through direct negotiations between the parties. The truth is that so far the Palestinians have refused to negotiate. The truth is that Israel wants peace with a Palestinian state, but the Palestinians want a state without peace. And the truth is you shouldn’t let that happen.

Ladies and gentlemen, when I first came here 27 years ago, the world was divided between East and West. Since then the Cold War ended, great civilizations have risen from centuries of slumber, hundreds of millions have been lifted out of poverty, countless more are poised to follow, and the remarkable thing is that so far this monumental historic shift has largely occurred peacefully. Yet a malignancy is now growing between East and West that threatens the peace of all. It seeks not to liberate, but to enslave, not to build, but to destroy.

That malignancy is militant Islam. It cloaks itself in the mantle of a great faith, yet it murders Jews, Christians and Muslims alike with unforgiving impartiality. On September 11th it killed thousands of Americans, and it left the twin towers in smoldering ruins. Last night I laid a wreath on the 9/11 memorial. It was deeply moving. But as I was going there, one thing echoed in my mind: the outrageous words of the president of Iran on this podium yesterday. He implied that 9/11 was an American conspiracy. Some of you left this hall. All of you should have.

Since 9/11, militant Islamists slaughtered countless other innocents — in London and Madrid, in Baghdad and Mumbai, in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, in every part of Israel. I believe that the greatest danger facing our world is that this fanaticism will arm itself with nuclear weapons. And this is precisely what Iran is trying to do.

Can you imagine that man who ranted here yesterday — can you imagine him armed with nuclear weapons? The international community must stop Iran before it’s too late. If Iran is not stopped, we will all face the specter of nuclear terrorism, and the Arab Spring could soon become an Iranian winter. That would be a tragedy. Millions of Arabs have taken to the streets to replace tyranny with liberty, and no one would benefit more than Israel if those committed to freedom and peace would prevail.

The Tribal Update

This week's Latma dealing with the upcoming Fakistinian vote.

The Tribal Update Presents the UN Choir and the Media's Expert Assessment

Yep this is what I saw.  Did you see it too?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Flt 93 mother on Crescent jury: "I don't want to reach out to those people! THEY MURDERED MY DAUGHTER!"


Alec Rawls, who has been working with Tom Burnett Sr. to stop the Crescent of Embrace memorial to Flight 93, explains the circumstances (related by Mr. Burnett in 2008, but not published until now).

Mr. Burnett had been telling his fellow design competition jurors that the crescent is a well known Islamic symbol. In addition to the giant central crescent (now called a broken circle) Tom also objected to the minaret-like Tower of Voices. "I made a point at that meeting," says Mr. Burnett, "to tell people that we have an Islamist design here that can't go forward, please, stay with me."

One of the left-wing design professionals on the jury, Tom Sokolowski (then director of Pittsburg's Andy Warhol Museum) thought that objecting to the crescent shape, just because it happens to be used by Muslims, was anti-Muslim bigotry. In a rude attempt to shut down criticism, Sokolowski actually called Mr. Burnett "asinine" for objecting to the huge Islamic-shaped Crescent. (Sokolowski would later repeat this performance to the press, calling a local preacher "asinine," "small minded," "bigoted," "repellant," and "disgusting" for protesting the Crescent design.)

It was in this atmosphere, charged with universal awareness amongst the jurors that the giant crescent was indeed a well-known Islamic symbol shape, but also charged with uncertainty as to whether people would be allowed to mention this fact, that another family member, Sandra Felt, started to explain what she liked about the Crescent design. She liked the "embracing" nature of it, says Mr. Burnett. She liked the way it "reached out..."

At which point another family member "lost it" (Mr. Burnett's description), screaming in agony: "I don't want to reach out to those people! THEY MURDERED MY DAUGHTER!"

Corporate Social Responsibility & Going Green

A great article by Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center. This man knows his stuff when it comes to Agenda 21 and all things green:
Why Private Industry Keeps Telling Us to “Go Green”

I’ve sounded the alarm over the dangers of Sustainable Development and the agenda for top-down control through what proponents call the “Three Es,” which includes the Environment, the Economy, and Social Equity. A fourth rail to imposing Agenda 21 is called Corporate Social Responsibility. It is the direct result of the merging of the Three Es. CSR is the map to understanding why corporations are actively promoting the “green” agenda – even to the detriment of their own business.

Picture, if you will, an Isosceles triangle. And label each point: 1.Government Power 2. Corporate Money 3. NGOs Agenda

The truth is, corporations aren’t always willing players in the partnerships – neither is government, for that matter. Many times both are answering to pressure from activists with a specific agenda.

Those activists come in the form of Non-governmental organizations (NGOs). They are determined, dedicated and radical. They mean business and they have the means to force their will on companies. It’s almost masochistic to watch how they treat companies.

Perhaps you’ve heard the term Corporate Social Responsibility. The idea is that corporations must not conduct their affairs merely to achieve profits for their stockholders – or even to just provide products and services for their customers. According to the doctrine, businesses must also help further the “well-being of society.” You know, “like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” To many businesses the term means treating customers, employees and suppliers with respect and integrity, while making sure you aren’t damaging the environment. It’s just good business.

But something much more sinister has control over the force of corporate social responsibility. As Niger Innis, president of the Congress on Racial Equality, points out, the ideological environmental movement is a powerful $4 billion-a-year U.S. industry. On the international level it’s an $8 billion-a-year gorilla.

Many of its members are intensely eco-centric, and place much higher value on wildlife and ecological values than on human progress or even human life. They have a deep fear and loathing of big business, technology, chemicals, plastics, fossil fuels and biotechnology. And they insist that the rest of the world should acknowledge and live according to their fears and ideologies.

They are masters at using junk science, scare tactics, intimidation and bogus economic and health claims to gain even greater power. These people, with their radical political agenda are now succeeding in forcing Corporate Social Responsibility on more and more companies.

They assert the right to dictate corporate social responsibility by declaring themselves stakeholders, even though their only stake is philosophical. In most cases, they have no economic interest in the companies.

They place ever-increasing demands on business to take ever more radical measures in the name of protecting the environment or in the name of social equity. Products have been banned. Even whole industries have been destroyed.

Here’s an example of the power of this force tied to Sustainable Development policies is an incident that took place in Ireland. There, McDonalds applied to build a new restaurant in a community. The government demanded an environmental impact study for the project. Now, that’s not so unusual. Only this environmental study wasn’t concerning the building of the restaurant. Rather, it was to study the effects of the food to be served on the health of the residents of the community.

McDonalds has been beaten to a pulp over the issue of obesity, human health and animal rights. The leading NGO in this fight is a radical nut-group called the Center for Science in the Public Interest which openly advocates that people eat next to nothing. No meat, no farm animals at all, no dairy, just basically some pre-selected vegetables. They are a constant thorn in the side of the Food and Drug Administration, constantly filing law suits to control food choice. They are the leaders of the infamous food police. And they hate McDonalds as much as they hate letting you decide what you want to eat.

As a result of these attacks, today McDonalds is in the forefront of promoting the green agenda. Now you may understand why the city of San Francisco recently targeted McDonald’s Happy Meals to be banned. CSR is rampant in public schools where zealots are busy working to control what children eat. Never mind that a child may go hungry because he/she refuses to eat tofu. Meanwhile, to make the controls work, corporate monsters like McDonalds must also be kept from tempting children with something they might like. All for the common good, of course.

Another example of corporate masochism comes from Caterpillar, the equipment giant that provides machinery for the mining industry. A few years ago, Caterpillar announced it was joining the United States Climate Action Partnership (USCAP), which is lobbying for caps on carbon dioxide emissions.

If USCAP reaches its goal for mandatory federal restrictions on the emissions, the cost of energy will be driven up, hurting Caterpillar’s customers and shareholders. When asked if he had done a cost analysis on this policy before joining USCAP, the Chairman of Caterpillar said he had not and would not. Therefore, he was blindly endorsing a policy that could put his own company out of business.

Why? Because he has been forced to accept a political agenda over business sense. To do otherwise would mean possible government sanctions, regulations or fines. It’s the new way to do business in America. It’s the force of the triangle. That’s Corporate Social Responsibility. It isn’t responsible at all. And it’s not very corporate. It’s enforcement of a political agenda.

Many times these issues begin with what appears to be completely absurd press releases by obscure fringe groups. But businesses must not ignore the source of their rants. Once they begin to give sanction to small demands in an attempt to put on a good face – the bar will be continually raised until the business becomes merely a tool for a political agenda that is in direct opposition to their ability to stay in business as the mantra of “Go Green” results in higher prices, sacrifice and fewer choices for consumers.
Well said. But every corporation knows that the moment profits (dividends) drop to a certain level, is the moment this nonsense stops. The main business of business is to make profits, not to help the world. In some cases they do both, and that is good. Not just for the communities they are in, but also for their image in the public. But let the profits, the dividends drop below a certain level, every CEO knows he/she will be out of a job and a new man/woman taking the helm instead.

Speeding Is OK!

Albert Einstein no less stated that "Nothing could ever go faster than the Speed of Light."  We can now say that Professor Einstein was wrong.
It was Albert Einstein, no less, who proposed more than 100 years ago that nothing could travel faster than the speed of light.

But last night it emerged that the man who laid the foundations for the laws of nature may have been wrong.

The science world was left in shock when workers at the world’s largest physics lab announced they had recorded subatomic particles travelling faster than the speed of light

If the findings are proven to be accurate, they would overturn one of the pillars of the Standard Model of physics, which explains the way the universe and everything within it works.

Einstein’s theory of special relativity, proposed in 1905, states that nothing in the universe can travel faster than the speed of light in a vacuum. But researchers at the CERN lab near Geneva claim they have recorded neutrinos, a type of tiny particle, travelling faster than the barrier of 186,282 miles (299,792 kilometers) per second.

The results have so astounded researchers that American and Japanese scientists have been asked to verify the results before they are confirmed as a discovery.

Antonio Ereditato, spokesman for the researchers, said: “We have high confidence in our results. We have checked and rechecked for anything that could have distorted our measurements but we found nothing.”

Scientists agree if the results are confirmed, that it would force a fundamental rethink of the laws of physics.

John Ellis, a theoretical physicist, said Einstein’s theory underlies “pretty much everything in modern physics”.

I actually believe that Professor Einstein would have been thrilled with this result. And it only goes to show everyone that like many drivers, even sub-atomic particles love to speed!

Mel Gibson Is Playing Who?

There are just some parts, no matter how good, no matter how historical, no matter how good the actor is, that certain actors must NEVER be allowed to portray.  One of these is Judah Maccabee and the actor is Mel Gibson.
Mel Gibson, the actor and director whose comments about Jews have drawn charges of anti-Semitism, is working on a movie about the life of Judah Maccabee, the Israelite warrior whose victory over the Greek and Syrian forces is celebrated during Hanukkah, according to The Los Angeles Times and Deadline Hollywood.

The news on Friday morning that Mr. Gibson had closed a producing deal with Warner Brothers and had enlisted Joe Eszterhas to write a script immediately drew fire from Jewish leaders.

“We would have hoped Warner Brothers could have found someone better than Mel Gibson to direct or perhaps even star in a film on the life of the Jewish historical icon Judah Maccabee,” Abraham H. Foxman, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said in a statement. “As a hero of the Jewish people and a universal hero in the struggle for religious liberty, Judah Maccabee deserves better. It would be a travesty to have the story of the Maccabees told by one who has no respect and sensitivity for other people’s religious views.”

Mr. Gibson has yet to decide whether he will direct the film or play a part in it. An outspoken conservative Christian, the former action star has been a controversial figure in Hollywood since he wrote, produced and directed “The Passion of the Christ” in 2004, a gory depiction of the crucifixion that is one of the highest grossing films of all times. Some critics objected to what they saw as the negative portrayal of Jews in the film.
He should not be allow any where near Judah Maccabee or any other JEWISH hero.  His anti-Semitism is well documented.
Gibson’s career reads like a Shakespearian Tragedy. After becoming arguably the biggest star in Hollywood he began displaying his hubris, spewing hatred against different ethnic groups, much of it against the Jews (or as he has called them “oven dodgers”). Gibson’s hatred nearly destroyed his career turning him into at best a b-player. But announced last week, Gibson successfully wrangled funding for a big Hollywood project withy Warner Brothers. He will be producing and possibly directing and starring in a movie based on Jewish history, the story of Judah Maccabee.

This is not the first time Gibson has tackled Jewish History, just the first time he’s attempted it in film. In 2004, Gibson was interviewed by Peggy Noonan for Readers Digest. Noonan asked Gibson if he believed the Holocaust happened. He answered by questioning the number of Jews slaughtered by the Nazi’s and seemed to downplay the Holocaust as a Jewish experience.

I mean when the war was over they said it was 12 million. Then it was six. Now it’s four. I mean it’s that kind of numbers game. I mean war is horrible. The Second World War killed tens of millions of people. Some of them were Jews in concentration camps. Many people lost their lives. In the Ukraine, several million people starved to death between 1932 and 1933. During the last century 20 million people died in the Soviet Union. Okay? It’s horrible.”

These are just a few of many anti-Jewish acts made by Gibson, the most famous of which occurred during a drunk driving arrest in 2006 when he kept screaming “f***ing Jews” and later stated that “the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world”

So should Gibson’s Antisemitism prevent him from making a movie about the Maccabees? Well that’s kind of a hypothetical question because it was Gibson who brought the picture to Warner Brothers. It won’t be made without him. But is it the right thing for Warners to do, and once it is made should Jews consider seeing the movie?

Rabbi Marvin Heir, founder and dean of Los Angeles’s Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerance, voiced his displeasure in statements to The Hollywood Reporter and predicted that Jews should stay home.

“Warner Bros. is making a terrible mistake,” Hier says, adding, “most of the people that are going to come to a film about Judah Maccabee are the Jewish community. Surely they know the Jewish communities are not going to come to this film.”

I am not as sure as Rabbi Hier. As a people, Jews are quick to forgive. Israel considers Palestinian Authority President Abbas a moderate despite the fact that he was one of the people responsible for the Sbarro bombing, American Jews still support Barack Obama despite his anti-Israel policies. In the end, the good Rabbi is likely to be disappointed to learn how many Jews see the movie.

More than his anti-Semitic history, I am not sure that Gibson has the background to appreciate the real story of the Maccabees. Gibson is a passionate member of the Catholic Traditionalist movement, a minority Catholic sect that rejects the reforms of the Second Vatican Council in 1964-65 — in particular the abolition of the Latin Mass. Part of the traditional Latin Mass that Gibson so fiercely believes in is about the conversion of the Jews. The prayer reads: “Let us pray also for the Jews, that the Lord our God may take the veil from their hearts and that they also may acknowledge our Lord Jesus Christ.” It also refers to their “blindness” and prays for them to be “delivered from their darkness.”

This is a direct conflict with the story of the Maccabees who fought against conversion. Only part of the Hanukah story was the Maccabees fight for getting the Greeks out of Israel, and the cleansing and dedication of the Temple. The Maccabees fought a civil war against other Jews. Judah and the boys were fighting Jews who had turned away from their faith by combining it with Greek/Hellenistic practices (or in some cases abandoning the Jewish faith totally). The resulting assimilation caused a loss of Jewish faith and tradition, and finally laws against practicing Jewish ritual.

Sadly, in many way’s this story about a war against assimilation of the Jewish people has become the most assimilated of Jewish holidays. Too many treat this holiday as a “Jewish Christmas,” the exact opposite of what the Maccabee story is all about.

The reason I don’t believe Gibson is qualified to produce, direct and possibly star in a movie about Judah Maccabee is not his love or hatred for the Jewish people, but the fact that his view of the Catholic faith argues Jews should be cured so they can accept Christ — and that is the exact opposite of the Maccabee story.

Mel Gibson is entitled to his religious belief, that’s not the issue. The real question is: based on his religious beliefs could Mel Gibson do the story of the Maccabees justice? Personally, I do not see how a man who prays that Jews convert can do a movie about a civil war waged to prevent Jews from losing their faith.

To allow Mel Gibson to portray or film the story of Judah Maccabee would be like allowing Al Sharpton to portray David Ben-Gurion.  Neither one would be a good idea.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Arrogance Of The Man

The photo going around the blogosphere, shown above, has the caption "U.S. President Barack Obama waves while standing with other leaders during the Open Government Partnership event at the United Nations September 20 in New York City. The United Nations General Assembly kicks off September 21, with leaders from around the world attending."

People expressed doubt that this Obama photo gaffe was real and not photoshopped and PJ Tatler dug a little deeper, went to the original source and found the image is indeed from Getty Images and can be found on their site.
Unless this is some kind of hoax of unparalleled proportions, the gaffe-tastic photo of Obama idiotically waving his hand in a group shot of world leaders, blocking the face of one of them (Tsakhia Elbegdorj, the president of Mongolia, as far as I can tell), really is an authentic photo, and is worthy of Internet infamy.

Have at it!
Is this a fake?  I don't believe so.  It does show the arrogance of the man, and he embarrasses the United States once again.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Arab Idea Of Non-Violence

The Dictionary defines Non-Violence as thus:
The policy, practice, or technique of refraining from the use of violence, especially when reacting to or protesting against oppression, injustice, discrimination, or the like.
The Arabs define Non-Violence as thus:
Hundreds of Palestinians clashed with Israeli security forces in several locations in the West Bank on Wednesday, as the Palestinian Authority launched its official statehood celebrations across West Bank cities.

A 16-month-old Israeli baby suffered light injuries when a stone struck her head in a riot between Tapuah and Migdalim junctions.She was taken to Schneider Hospital in Petah Tikva. Three Palestinians were arrested during clashes, and an Israeli citizen was lightly injured from stones hurled at him while he was travelling near the West Bank city of Halhul.

Around 40 Palestinians clashed with IDF forces near Beit Omar, and dozens of others rioted near the Qalandiya checkpoint.

Some rioters set tires on fire and stoned security forces, who used crowd-control measures to control the scene, including sonic cannons and tear gas.

The Palestinian Authority issued several statements urging West Bank Palestinians to avoid clashing with the Israeli security forces.

Israel however, is gearing for the possibility that Palestinian rallies will turn into violent riots. The IDF Central Command has been placed on high alert, including the mobilization and deployment of extra forces in the sector.

Israel security forces have been instructed to use the proper discretion to avoid any loss of life.

Palestinian security forces are also on high alert and have instructed all rallies be held in Palestinian Area A – which in under their full control – in order to avoid any friction with IDF forces or West Bank settlers.

Like always the MSM and the world will allow the Arabs to rape, pillage,plunder, and murder as long as it is done to Jews.  But let Israel respond to these attacks, and the MSM and the world will scream bloody murder!

Debunking the Palestine Lie

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has launched an international campaign to achieve recognition by the United Nations for an independent Palestinian state. Abbas and his international supporters claim that only Israel (with the United States) stands in the way of this act of historical justice, which would finally bring about peace in the Middle East.

This video debunks the Palestinians' claim and shows that Abbas has been lying about the origins and history of the conflict. Palestinian leaders have rejected partition plans that would have given them much more land for their independent state than the Jews were offered for theirs. Rather than being the innocent victims of a "dispossession" at the hands of the Israelis, the Palestinians rejected reasonable compromises and instead pursued their aim of getting rid of the only Jewish state in the world.

Actually if you look at Barack Hussein Obama's past you will see a staunch anti-Semite who changed overnight to gain the Jewish vote.  But make no mistake, he will destroy Israel himself if given the change (or a second term).

There has never been a Palestine, a Palestinian people, an viable nation run by the Arabs.  In fact, without foreign aid the Fakistinians have no economy.

The world doesn't need another Welfare Basket State.  A nation with no economy, no ability to start an economy and dependent on the world (especially the United States) for their income.

From the river to the sea, Israel will remain free!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wednesday's Hero: Sgt. Dakota Meyer

Sgt. Dakota Meyer

Sgt. Dakota Meyer
23 years old from Greensburg, Kentucky
Embedded Training Team 2-8

U.S. Marines

On September 15, Sgt. Dakota Meyer was awarded the Medal Of Honor by President Obama for his actions on Sept. 8, 2009 in the Ganjgal Valley of Afghanistan when he and Staff Sgt. Juan Rodriguez-Chavez saved 36 fellow Marines when they, and the Afghan military members they were helping to train, came under attack by Taliban insurgents.

His citation reads: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the repeated risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as a member of Marine Embedded Training Team 2-8, Regional Corps Advisory Command 3-7, in Kunar Province, Afghanistan, on 8 September 2009. When the forward element of his combat team began to be hit by intense fire from roughly 50 Taliban insurgents dug-in and concealed on the slopes above Ganjgal village, Corporal Meyer mounted a gun-truck, enlisted a fellow Marine to drive, and raced to attack the ambushers and aid the trapped Marines and Afghan soldiers. During a six hour fire fight, Corporal Meyer single-handedly turned the tide of the battle, saved 36 Marines and soldiers and recovered the bodies of his fallen brothers. Four separate times he fought the kilometer up into the heart of a deadly U-shaped ambush. During the fight he killed at least eight Taliban, personally evacuated 12 friendly wounded, and provided cover for another 24 Marines and soldiers to escape likely death at the hands of a numerically superior and determined foe. On his first foray his lone vehicle drew machine gun, mortar, rocket grenade and small arms fire while he rescued five wounded soldiers. His second attack disrupted the enemy’s ambush and he evacuated four more wounded Marines. Switching to another gun-truck because his was too damaged they again sped in for a third time, and as turret gunner killed several Taliban attackers at point blank range and suppressed enemy fire so 24 Marines and soldiers could break-out. Despite being wounded, he made a fourth attack with three others to search for missing team members. Nearly surrounded and under heavy fire he dismounted the vehicle and searched house to house to recover the bodies of his fallen team members. By his extraordinary heroism, presence of mind amidst chaos and death, and unselfish devotion to his comrades in the face of great danger, Corporal Meyer reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service."

In addition to the Medal Of Honor, Sgt. Meyer has also been awarded the Expert Marksmanship Badge for Rifle and Pistol, Purple Heart, Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal w/ Valor Device and Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal.

You can read more about Sgt. Dakota Meyer and his actions here.

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives just so others may get to enjoy freedom. For that I am proud to call them Hero.

Those Who Say That We're In A Time When There Are No Heroes, They Just Don't Know Where To Look.

This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. For more information about Wednesday Hero, or if you would like to post it on your site, you can go here.

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Senators Joe Lieberman (CT) and Susan Collins (ME), Chairman and Ranking Member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee have included very important language in S. 1546, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Reauthorization Act of 2011.

Specifically, their language designates an official within DHS to “coordinate efforts to counter violent extremism in the United States, particularly the ideology that gives rise to Islamist terrorism….”

Bringing governmental focus to bear on the ideology driving Islamic terrorism is something we have been working hard to achieve. It’s what Guy Rodgers, ACT! for America Executive Director, addresses in his “Connect the Dots” presentation that is part of our “Unmasking the Enemy Among Us” resource.

The Lieberman/Collins language is significant forward movement by the U.S. Congress to finally define the threat. It is critical that we show them that we are behind them 150%!!!

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee will be considering this legislation tomorrow, Wednesday, September 21st.

Surprise, surprise! CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, has sent out an alert urging people to contact the committee and express their opposition. We know you’re shocked to learn this. WE MUST SEND A LOUDER, STRONGER MESSAGE THAN CAIR!

Please take a moment NOW to call the Committee to let them know that you wholeheartedly SUPPORT the language of Section 213: Countering Homegrown Terrorism contained in S. 1546—and forward this Alert on to everyone you know!

The phone numbers of the Senate House Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee are as follows:

Majority (Democrats)
Minority (Republicans)

It is CRITICAL that the Committee hears from those that support the language—which we know are a MAJORITY of Americans.




2 Years!!!!

It has been 2 years since I have smoked a cigarette.

The first 3 weeks were hell on my body.  The first week I thought I'd kill somebody.  (Of which I am very grateful for the HTBC {(if it existed, which it doesn't} and the service they perform.)  I had a little help in my quit:  If I wanted a cigarette I would take an Altoids instead.  By the end of the third week I had put down a pack a day cigarette habit and picked up a 3 pack a day Altoids habit.  My lungs were clear and my breath was very sweet (and minty).

It took me years to quit this nasty habit.  Wasted years and wasted money.  And I did this quit without a patch, without a pill, without a chemical help.  Just with the support of the men and women at QuitNet .  If you want to quit and need a little help, they will help you.  The service is free.  The help is there.  Try it.  You too can be smoke free.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Worst Is Yet To Come!

That is what it is beginning to feel like.  Tomorrow the United Nations will grant the Arabs nation #58, Fakestine.  A nation with no real history (They have been inventing one.), a colonizing people (They came to the land from Yemen in the 1480's.) and no economy to speak of.  (In fact, without Israel these people would have no jobs, no income.)  To the world Jews Israel is the worst of all peoples.  They systematically murder their neighbors.  Well, not really.  They have cut off all utilities to the Arabs.  Not ever.  They cause the deaths of a Palestinian child in Gaza of starvation every 10 seconds.  Definitely not!

Sorry Bob Beckele but you were wrong there.  For that to be true there would be 1,500 children dead every day, 500,000 every year.  Since the population of the Gaza Strip is 1.5 million people, and has been this stable for 20 years, I have to ask:

1)  Where are the bodies or mass graves?
2)  How the heck can the women of Gaza give birth to that many children each year?

In other words Bob Beckele, you have repeated a blood libel, thus exposing your anti-Semitism.  Shame on you.

But getting back to the feeling of doom and gloom.  On Wednesday the Durban III conference starts, the conference that automatically allows the murderers, rapists, thugs of the world (especially if they are Muslim) get away with mass murder.  The only nation to be brought up on charges will be....wait for it...Israel.  On Wednesday night Ahmadinejad Monkeyman will be dining at Columbia University.  On Friday the Fakistinians will be demanding the Security Council give them the nation of Israel.  It would be laughable except the Security Council is being led by Lebanon this month.  Now 2 things might happen:

1)  Seeing the disaster of the recent election of the Congressional seat of NY's 9th district, seeing Jewish voters and more importantly, Jewish money slipping from him, Barack Hussein Obama tries to bribe the Jewish community and vetoes the Fakistinian resolution.  Disaster averted for a while.

2)  Seeing the disaster of the recent election of the Congressional seat of NY's 9th district, seeing Jewish voters and more importantly, Jewish money slipping from him, Barack Hussein Obama decides that he will not be able to get a second term as President and allows the Fakistinian resolution to pass.  Now the proverbial s**t has hit the fan!

Now what will happen is the Arab League will demand a no-fly zone over Israel.  Knowing that the Arab League is incapable of flying against the IAF, they will demand the Security Council perform a "Humanitarian Intervention".  That millions of Fakistinians will be killed.  NATO (specifically the United States) responds by flying a sortie or two over Israel, even bombing a building or two.  Israel responds by blowing up an US aircraft carrier or two, the war will heat up and the United States will send ground troops.  Thus the Muslims get exactly what they want:  The United States fighting their war, dying for their cause, and fighting their enemy.

How many American deaths will the people of the United States accept to placate the Arabs?
What will Barack Hussein Obama do with the 6 million Jews in the United States?

You can bank on Code Pink having a field day!  They would be 100% behind the US effort.  The first time any of those Moonbats would be behind a US military effort.

Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, and other anti-Semites would line up to man the camps.  They would be drooling to steal the property of the Jews.

We are at a very important crossroad.  One between a civil world and world war.  Which one do you think Obama will choose?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dear Attack Watch....

Hat Tip to TexasFred

I found this at Texas Fred's.  20 simple questions to ask AttackWatch or #AttackWatch.  The questions will never be answered with the truth, for Barack Hussein Obama doesn't want you to know the truth.
Let’s a play a little game of 20 QUESTIONS…


2. Is it okay for you to have members of the New Black Panthers standing outside voting centers in full camouflage gear threatening whites with baseball bats and night sticks?

3. Is it also okay for you to have ACORN register dead people to vote and automatically submit them as democrat voters?

4. Is it also okay for you to flat out LIE to the American people 7 TIMES in the first two minutes of your acceptance speech the night that you was so-called “elected”?

5. Is it also okay for you to have Congress vote on and pass a healthcare bill IN THE DARK OF NIGHT that over half the country DIDN’T want shoved down their throats? You need to know that this WILL ultimately be proven unconstitutional…..maybe you didn’t hear, but government CANNOT FORCE it’s citizens to purchase a government subsidized good or service.

6. Is it also okay for you to push California to pass the Dream Act so that he has more voters on his side for the election next year because he bought them all off with FREE healthcare, FREE housing, FREE food, FREE education, FREE EVERYTHING?

7. Is it also okay that you failed to acquire, let alone EVEN ASK FOR, congressional approval for a meaningless one-sided war in Libya? By the way, Bush asked for and received congressional approval for the war in Iraq….his request WAS met with some differences of opinion, but HE DID ASK…..YOU DID NOT.

8. While we’re on the subject, why do you continuously run to the UN every time you have a problem? This country is NOT run by the UN….we are a SOVERIEGN NATION that governs itself…..maybe they didn’t teach you that in American History. OH, MY BAD!! I forgot….you went to school in INDONESIA!!

9. Is it okay that when a UNION THUG like Jimmy Hoffa literally threatens a group of people in a warm-up speech for the President, that President (YOU) remains silent and doesn’t strike that UNION THUG’S comments down in some kind of response? Pardon me, but I’ve lived in this country my ENTIRE LIFE….I’m pretty darn certain that EVERYTHING in Hoffa’s speech was gone over with a fine tooth comb…do you REALLY think we are THAT STUPID?

10. Why is it that you can’t simply produce your actual long form birth certificate? Anybody that applies for a job in this country needs to provide several different forms of ID. I would think that someone who wants to be PRESIDENT would be scrutinized down to the very last letter of the alphabet.

11. Where are the college transcripts from Harvard and Occidental? They were probably burned right along with the B.C., huh?

12. How can you call yourself a Christian when you don’t celebrate Christmas or Easter, but yet you recognize and celebrate the MUSLIM holy month of Ramadan?

13. Why is that you CONTINUOUSLY apologize for our status as a Superpower Nation?

14. Why do you bow down to foreign leaders?

15. Why do you try and make a toast when God Save The Queen is being played?

16. Why did you REALLY close that Boeing plant in South Carolina?

Let’s talk about your wife for a moment…..

17. Is it okay that she goes on vacations left and right on the taxpayers dime, of which she spent $10 MILLION??

18. Is it also okay that your wife can eat burgers and fries, while at the same time, telling us Americans to eat more veggies and make their portions smaller?

19. Is it also okay for that same UNPATRIOTIC wife to disrespect the American flag at Ground Zero on 9/11/11?

20. Is it also okay for YOU to ask AMERICAN CITIZENS to rat out their own neighbors if they happen to say something negative about the President?

I have NEVER supported you from day one and do not have even a bit of an inkling of support for you now….nor will I ever. I will say though, that I recognize and have full respect for the OFFICE that you currently hold. That doesn’t mean that I need to respect the person that holds the office of POTUS. Remember, they are two VERY different things. You will NEVER have my respect for you as a person. How can I be expected to respect someone that disrespects our Constitution?

Trust me when I say that we Conservatives do NOT fear this new “snitcher site” of yours one tiny bit. This site has now made you THE laughingstock of the internet and believe me….WE ARE ROLLING ON THE FLOOR & LAUGHING OVER THIS!! It’s actually quite humorous, if you haven’t figured that out by now when taking in all of the Twitter posts that have been made since your little site started up. You are only giving us MORE firepower against you every single day.

We are not a people of violence….unless YOU DECIDE to make us resort to such. This site you’ve created only proves just how desperate and paranoid you really are. Why don’t you just give it up and surrender already? Just sayin.

It is time to tell the POTUS that these Gestapo tactics are not respectable in this nation!

Feel free to "steal" this post.  The more Conservatives who read this means the more who will fight this.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday Morning Funnies #25

Morning Kiddies.  It has been a very crazy week for President Obama, but a thrilling one for us truth seekers.  So without further ado, here we go:

Today the usual group of libtards are planning on their Day of Rage.  Camping out on Wall Street among the winos, the homeless, the kitties...

A simple word of caution, please keep your pants on.  Do it for his sake.

Seen on the streets of Ramallah:

The close up:

Somethings should never be sold as such.

Some humor for today:

JFK'S Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, was in France in the early 60's when De Gaulle decided to pull out of NATO. De Gaulle said he wanted all US military out of France as soon as possible.

Rusk responded "Does that include those who are buried here?"

De Gaulle did not respond.

You could have heard a pin drop

There was a conference in France where a number of international engineers were taking part, including French and American During a break, one of the French engineers came back into the room saying, 'Have you heard the latest dumb stunt Bush has done? He has sent an aircraft carrier to Indonesia to help the tsunami victims. What does he intended to do, bomb them?'

A Boeing engineer stood up and replied quietly: 'Our carriers have three hospitals on board that can treat several hundred people; they are nuclear powered and can supply emergency electrical power to shore facilities; they have three cafeterias with the capacity to feed 3,000 people three meals a day, they can produce several thousand gallons of fresh water from sea water each day, and they carry half a dozen helicopters for use in transporting victims and injured to and from their flight deck.

We have eleven such ships; how many does France have?'

You could have heard a pin drop.

A U.S. Navy Admiral was attending a naval conference that included Admirals from the U.S., English, Canadian, Australian and French Navies. At a cocktail reception, he found himself standing with a large group of Officers that included personnel from most of those countries. Everyone was chatting away in English as they sipped their drinks but a French admiral suddenly complained that, whereas
Europeans learn many languages, Americans learn only English. He then asked, 'Why is it that we always have to speak English in these conferences rather than speaking French?'

Without hesitating, the American Admiral replied, 'Maybe it's because the Brit's, Canadians, Aussie's and Americans arranged it so you wouldn't have to speak German.'

You could have heard a pin drop.


Robert Whiting,an elderly gentleman of 83, arrived in Paris by plane. At French Customs, he took a few minutes to locate his passport in his carry on.

"You have been to France before, monsieur?" the customs officer asked sarcastically.

Mr. Whiting admitted that he had been to France previously.

"Then you should know enough to have your passport ready."

The American said, 'The last time I was here, I didn't have to show it."

"Impossible. Americans always have to show your passports on arrival in France!"

The American senior gave the Frenchman a long hard look. Then he quietly explained, ''Well, when I came ashore at Omaha Beach on D-Day in 1944 to help liberate this country, I couldn't find a single Frenchmen to show a passport to."

You could have heard a pin drop


You know times are bad when you see this;

 I wonder how long it took to train that cat to fix cars?

On Tuesday the General Assembly of the United Nations will cave into Arab demands and proclaim the nation of Palestine (on the land of Israel).

The Tribe Speaks

I'm sure Americans will agree with this:

Amen Bibi!

You know Tort Reform is desperately needed.

For all those deploying to Afghanistan:

Stay safe out there!

Have A Good Week!!