Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Am Israel!

In the wake of the obscene condemnation of Israel for the actions taken during the operation to stop the Free Gaza Flotilla, I feel that this video is needed to show the world the truth about Israel.

I Am Israel

On this date in Jewish History:
Today is the anniversary of the first blood libel in France. On this date in 1171, tens of Jewish men and women were burned alive in the French town of Blois on the infamous accusation that Jews used to the blood of Christian children in the preparation of matzot for Passover. A detailed account is found here and here.

This same lie is told every year to Muslims from the pulpits of their mosques.  It is so wide spread that it is believed as the truth by Muslims in every nation they live in, regardless of their profession or income level.

These are the same people who are screaming to kill every Jew in the world!

Israel loathes the sword.  They loath the idea of sending their children to war, but they know what will happen if they don't:

Hebron Massacre

And if not killed, they were expelled from their native lands:

The Expulsion of the Jews...from Muslim lands

The majority of Jews in Israel come from Muslim nations NOT European nations.

In the following days and weeks, when confronted with this incident, and the idiots demand you say something just say one word:


Demand to know why the UN, EU or the US refuses to deal with real Genocide and instead spends all of its energy on the lies of the Arabs?


jadedfellow said...

All liers will be cast into the lake of fire and nope there won't be any virgins waiting around.

It is horrible to see what has and is happening to the Hebrew peoples and yet there is solace, G-D already said Isreal wins in the end, and G-D cannot lie.

Moving video, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that, Findalis. It's a very moving piece. I hope you don't mind if I cross-post it. It's too good and too important not to be spread around.


Findalis said...

Welcome to my playground. Anyone can cross post as long as they link back to me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Findalis,
thank you!!
I most certainly always give credit/acknowledgment.

Feel free to check at any time :)